Office of Strategic Communications

Communications Training

The Office of Strategic Communications is responsible for protecting and enhancing the reputation of Morehouse College and, in doing so, provides support for key functions in the area of communications. The following resources have been created for use college-wide.

They are updated frequently, so check back often for new resources and materials. 


The visual identity program was developed to assist individual units of the College in using the Morehouse logo, typestyles and colors in their communications materials in print,web and electronic media. This guide contains strict standards designed to reflect a clear and consistent image of the College, but it also allows individual departments and offices to adopt different, more individualized looks when they are communicating with their own internal audiences. By complying with its specifications, you help project a clear, unifying image for the College as a whole.

Web Content Management Via TerminalFour

TerminalFour is an investment the College has made to decentralize website management. The Office of Strategic Communications no longer makes updates to individual sites because the content management system makes it possible for each department to manage their sites in real time. TerminalFour training is open to staff members who have been identified by their supervisors as content managers, as well as to all faculty members. To register for a session, go to Training support materials are available here

Media Coaching

Morehouse College's reputation for thought leadership makes it a frequent source for media inquiries and interviews. Spokespeople approved by the College are eligible for media training on an as-needed basis. To request coaching, please contact Aileen Dodd in Public Relations.