Title IX

Sexual Misconduct Procedures: Sanctions

Sanctioning Decision.  The Panel will determine the appropriate sanction, and make  its recommendation to the Dean of the Office of Student Conduct. The Panel’s determination  will be in writing and shared with the Parties. 

Scope of Sanctions. Sanctions may include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following: expulsion, suspension, probation, reprimand, warning, restitution, education/counseling, no- contact order, restriction from extracurricular programs or activities, loss of leadership opportunity or positions in activities, housing restriction/relocation, and/or restriction from College employment.

In determining an appropriate sanction, the Panel may take into account:

  • The nature and circumstanc es of the misc onduct.
  • The impac t of the misc onduct on the Complainant.
  • The impac t of the misc onduct on the College community.
  • The disciplinary history of the Party deemed responsible.
  • Any other mitigating or aggravating circumstanc es in order to reach a fair and appropriate resolution in each case.
  • The Panel, in its discretion, may ask a Student Affairs representative to appear before and address the Panel regarding sanctions.

Additional Remedies. The Panel may also identify additional remedies to address the effects of the conduct on the impacted Party. Remedies may include extending  or making  permanent  any interim or safety measures.