Title IX

Sexual Misconduct Procedures: Investigative Report

Content of the Investigative Report. At the conclusion of the Investigation Phase, the Investigator(s) will prepare an Investigative Report, which should include factual information presented during the Investigation Phase, an analysis, relevant consistencies or inconsistencies (if any) between different sources of information, and   if necessary, a separate section describing the Investigator(s)’ perception of the demeanor of the individuals interviewed.

  • The Investigative Report will not  include a determination by the Investigator(s) as to whether a Party has violated the Sexual Misconduct Policy or what sanctions may be appropriate. These determinations will be made by the Determination Panel, as described below.

Review by the Parties. The Parties will have an opportunity to review the Investigative Report and may submit written comments about the content of the Investigative Report to the Title IX Coordinator within five (5) business days of the date they are notified that the Investigative Report is available for review. This review will take place at a secure location and in a secure manner determined by the College .

  • Photographs or any other copies of the Investigative Report are not allowed by either Party or the Advisors.
  • The comments submitted by the Parties may not exceed ten (10) double spaced pages.
  • The Parties may have their respective Advisors of Choice present during review the Investigative Report.

The time to submit written comments can be extended for a brief period if the Title IX Coordinator concludes, in his/her sole discretion, that the additional time is warranted, and upon written request of the Party seeking the extension that explains the reason the additional time is necessary. Likewise, the secure location and  manner  of  reviewing the Investigative Report can be modified if the Title IX Coordinator deems it necessary and appropriate.

After reviewing the submissions, if any, from the Parties, the Investigator(s) may determine that either additional investigation is required or no further investigation is needed. If further investigation is conducted, the Investigator(s) will include any additional relevant information in the Investigative Report.

The Investigative Report will then be submitted to the Title IX Coordinator. Any submissions made by either Party pursuant to this section, as well as any other documentation deemed relevant by the Investigator(s), will be attached to the Investigative Report.