Title IX

Sexual Misconduct Procedures: Notification of Outcome

The Notification of Outcome shall be issued to the Complainant and the Respondent concurrently and shall contain the determination of whether the Respondent is Responsible or Not Responsible for the alleged violations and, where applicable, sanction(s) assigned, the due date(s) of the sanction(s), any other steps the College will or has taken to eliminate  the hostile environment, and any available appeal rights.

The Title IX Coordinator will inform the Parties simultaneously and in writing of (1) the outcome of the disciplinary proceeding; and (2) the procedures for either Party to appeal the result of the disciplinary proceeding.

The Title IX Coordinator will also inform other College officials with a legitimate educational interest about the outcome of the finding. Notice to  these  other  individuals will be accompanied with a request that the information should remain confidential except in situations in which disclosure is necessary to protect the safety of the community.