African drum making
Kalimba Making
STEM Symposium
STEM Symposium Fall 2017
STEM Symposium Fall 2017
STEM Symposium Fall 2017

Character Preeminence: Ensuring that African American Males Excel in a 21st-Century World Focused on STEAM

In pursuit of character preeminence and academic rigor, Morehouse College is taking an integrated approach to ensure students engage in curricular and co-curricular activities that promote and reinforce STEM education and research. This activity focus on strengthening outcomes in enrollment, retention, progression, and graduation rates of African American males in STEM disciplines. Morehouse remain number one producer of black male PhD’s in STEM, and we must grow and reinforce those efforts. 

Within the most recent year, the Makerspace hosted several STEAM workshops, which involved students and faculty completing projects that infused the "Arts" into STEM. In the Making African Instruments Lecture Series, expert musical instrument makers provided students with guidance and support as they made kalimbas and drums.

Dr. Vivian Brown 3D Printing Dr. Wallace Sharif 3 D Printing Dr. John Eagan 3D Printing
Dr. Brown, Modern Foreign Language professor, 3D printed a larynx to assist with discussions on French sounds.  Dr. Sharif, Biology professor, 3D printed proteins to demonstrate how they interact. Dr. Eagan, Economics professor, explored the use of 3D printing, laser cutting and Rasberry Pi in the creation of digital currency and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).
STEM Symposium Fall 2017

 STEM Symposium Fall 2017 STEM Symposium Fall 2017


Makerspace Series on Making African Instruments 2017-2018

Making Kalimbas  Making Kalimbas Kalimba making

African drum making  African drum making African drum making


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