Office of Strategic Communications

TerminalFour Troubleshooting Tips


If you publish content in TerminalFour that is not showing up when you think it should: 

  • Check that the overall section has been published. Content created within a section won’t show up if that section has not been approved and published.
  • Make sure that after you saved the content you published it.
  • Confirm that the content has been approved. If it remains in Pending status then it will not show up on the live site.
  • Enable pop-ups when using TerminalFour. Some tasks will appear as pop ups that you will miss if you don't have them enabled.
  • If you stop working in the system for a while, expect a message that you have been timed out. Make sure to save frequently so that you don't lose any changes in case you are logged out.
  • Wait until 30 minutes after the hour and then check. The site updates at :28 and :58 after each hour. Newly created content and sections are published two times a day, midday and end of the day. 

Media Library 

  • Follow the steps in the graphic below if you run into problems accessing your Media Library folders:

  • If you add something to your Media Library and it doesn't show up, repeat the final step -- select the item in the Media Library again. It should show up the second time.