Campus Life

Areas of Interest for the Division of Student Development


Campus Climate Task Force

The Campus Climate Task Force is charged to employ a data-driven and best practice approach to creating comprehensive and meaningful educational efforts that enhance the Men of Morehouse’s (and the broader AUC’s) understanding of women while respecting their experiences, thereby making Morehouse a safer place. The task force is comprised of faculty, staff, and students from Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse College, and Spelman College. 

Mental Health

The Division of Student Development understands that our students enter Morehouse College with varying needs. One struggle that students entering college experience is mental illness. There has been a continuing increase in the presence and severity of mental illness with traditionally aged (18-24) college students. Further, the most prevailing mental illnesses experienced by Millennial college students are anxiety and depression. This space will provide information about how the Division of Student Development is meeting the needs of our students who have mental illness.

Sexual Misconduct

Morehouse College is committed to promoting and maintaining a safe and supportive educational and work environment. As such it is the goal to make Morehouse College an institution free from sexual and gender-based violence. This webpage is designed to communicate information about how to report, where or to whom to report, and why one should report. This space will also provide information about education and training, policies and procedures, and resources for survivors.