Student Conduct

Michael R. Southern, Assistant Dean of the College for Student Conduct

Hours: Monday- Friday, 9 am to 5 pm
Office: Kilgore Center, Suite 200
Phone:(470) 639-0421

The Conduct and Discipline system affects and applies to all currently enrolled students at the College. Its major purpose is to maintain the integrity of the College and members of the College Community, to promote and preserve an orderly environment, to exercise proper control over disciplinary matters, and to implement established judicial procedures in matters affecting all students accused of violating College policies, rules and regulations.

This system is also a developmental tool with two main objectives. While its primary objective is to provide a safe, secure and hospitable environment for all students and visitors, another goal is to assist students in developing a high degree of integrity and moral character by encouraging acceptance of personal responsibility for behavior. Secondly, the Conduct and Discipline system attempts to modify those behaviors deemed unacceptable by the College, including, but not limited to, lewd, rude, slanderous or hostile behavior toward anyone by any Morehouse student, faculty or staff member.

Class Excuse Policy
Morehouse College expects each student to attend scheduled classes on a routine basis and to be punctual. However, in cases of a family emergency, medical excuse, official school business, military obligation, bereavement, court appearance, and conference with dean/faculty/staff, the vice president of student services or his designee may provide verification of all official class excuses. Valid written documentation must be submitted to justify class absences within five (5) calendar days of the class absence.

Class Excuses are not granted for the following:

  • Public transportation problems
  • Over-sleeping
  • Automobile breakdowns
  • Court appearances where student is defendant 

Class excuses are not issued during the summer sessions.

Other Important Information: