International Student Services

Do you need a SSN (Social Security Number)?

International visitors are not required to have a Social Security Card to enter the U.S., open a bank account, sign a lease, or get a Georgia driver's license. However, it is likely that you may be asked for a SS card number when trying to do these things. This is because SSNs are used to check financial credit history (i.e. record of paying bills on time). If you are asked for an SSN by a cell phone carrier, bank, landlord, etc. you should explain that you are not eligible for one as a new student. Since you do not have a financial credit history, you may be required to pay a higher deposit for certain services.

CPT opportunities, such as campus work-study, require the Social Security card.  See a designated school official on campus for the required letter from the college, endorsing your eligibility for a SSN and make application for the card accordingly.  See the link below for further details.


SSN Application (Click Here)