2019 SACSCOC Reaffirmation

Quality Enhancement Plan

SACSCOC requires each college seeking reaffirmation to create a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The QEP is a 5-year plan to improve student learning outcomes, have an institutional budget, and affect a broad section of the College. A college is expected to approach the QEP with a different mindset than the Compliance Certification Report (CCR). The CCR is concerned with compliance. The QEP is concerned with innovation. SACSCOC is less concerned with the success of the QEP than the lessons learned from the act of innovation.  Morehouse has chosen to focus in QEP on improving writing skills by utilizing topics included in Black Life, History, and Culture. Dr. Nathaniel Norment, the Chair of the QEP Committee, described the current status in the paragraphs below.

Writing is a critical skill that goes beyond demonstrating proficiency with the mechanics and structure of writing. Writing facilitates critical thinking. Writing is a means to assess and communicate what has been learned. Morehouse College’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is intended to improve the writing skills of lower and upperdivision students through teaching writing skills in: (1) English Composition 101 and 102; (2) in the Freshman Year Experience (FYE), the General Education Curriculum (GenEd), the Black, Life, History and Culture (BLHC), designated  writing intensive course in academic majors, and courses and topics presented in Crown Forum; (3) providing Faculty Workshops designed to teach faculty the techniques identified as the best practices to teach and assess writing, and (4) assigning students to the Writing Lab for one on one tutoring  to develop and to improve writing. Skill in writing will be demonstrated by learning outcomes that will be assessed through evaluation of written artifacts collected from each of the curricula components listed above.   

Progress towards achieving the QEP goals and meeting student learning outcomes will be assessed by the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (IRE), working with the QEP Director, using the QEP Writing Rubric. In order to manage implementation of the plan and assure support for all QEP activities, the Provost will appoint Advisory Board and a QEP Director who will report to the Provost. 

The QEP Committee met in early January, 2018. Throughout the Spring 2018 semester, we will host conversations with faculty, staff, students, alumni and employers to discuss the QEP topic, solicit additional ideas and feedback, and encourage involvement in the development of the plan. Key elements will be include the creation of the rubrics, considering when and where assessment is performed and incorporating BLHAC into the plan. A draft of the QEP is due April 1, 2018 to internal constituents. – Dr. Nathaniel Norment