Registration Process

Follow the instructions below to register for courses online:

  • Go to
  • Click on My Portal
  • In the box labeled User ID, type in your MCID number
  • In the box labeled Password, type in your Password
  • Go to Banner Web
  • Select Login to Secure Area
  • Go to Student Services and Financial Aid
  • Select Registration
  • Select Term/Semester
  • Go to Add/Drop Classes
  • Enter the five-digit CRN numbers for all of your courses. You may need to "Search Classes" if you do not have your CRN numbers.
  • Select Submit Changes
  • If you are successfully registered, a message of **Web Registered** will appear to far right of each course
  • If the class you are selecting is closed, please make another selection
  • Once you have successfully registered in all of your courses, print 2 (two) copies of your schedule, one for your academic advisor, one for your own records.


When registering for courses you may come across some registration errors. The possible errors are listed below. 

Pre Requisite- PREQ and Test Score Error 
This means you have not successfully completed the required courses to register 
for this course or you did not achieve the required standardized test score deemed 
necessary to satisfactorily complete this course. Refer to the course catalog to 
determine what courses are required to register for any course. 

Co Requisites- CORQ_ 
This is an indication that this course requires you to register for another 
designated course simultaneously. In this event obtain the CRN for all required 
courses and ADD them at the same time. For example Biology for Non-Majors 
(HBIO 101) requires you to take Biology for Non-Majors Lab (HBIO 101L). 
When registering for HBIO 101 by itself you will receive the error 
CORQ_HBIO101L. This is the case for most science courses. 

Closed Section 
When you receive this message you will not be able to register for this particular 
section because the course has reached its capacity for registered students. You 
will have to choose another section. 

Time Conflicts 
This message means that you have selected a class with the same time and day of 
an existing class.