Records and Registration

Enrollment Verification

Enrollment verifications can be retrieved online at National Student Clearinghouse or You can view and print enrollment verifications from anywhere. 

The certificate is an official Morehouse College document and can be used for loans, scholarships, housing, employment, etc. You can also have third parties retrieve your information from the website.

Verifications are available (1) week after classes begin.

If you require verification of Academic Standing and/or Expected Graduation Date, please go to Registrar Forms, download and submit the completed forms to the Office of Records and Registration for processing. These forms must be accompanied by the enrollment verification from National Student Clearinghouse.

Verifications for Military/Tricare/DEERS ID Card

Enrollment verifications for Military/Tricare/DEERS ID Cards can be requested by submitting an email from your Morehouse email account to for processing. The processing time for this request is 3-5 business days.

The request should include the following information:

  • Name and MCID
  • Provide information to be included, i.e. enrollment status, expected graduation date and/or other pertinent details
  • Recipient's information, i.e. name, fax number and/or email address