Office of Marketing and Communications

Web Updates

The Office of Marketing and Communications oversees the development and review of all content for pages related to Morehouse College as a whole, including pages that present news, information, certain publications, and a calendar of events. 

The Office of Marketing and Communications is also responsible for the technical configuration of all content that has been approved the for publishing on the official Morehouse College website.

To submit a request for web updates, please send e-mail to

Content provided to the web team for placement on the Morehouse College web site should adhere to the following specifications:

1. TEXT - All textual content must be copy ready (edited and proofed). The web team will only be responsible for the technical development of the provided material and will only correct errors that become apparent through routine spell checks.

2. PHOTOS, GRAPHICS - All photographs must be in jpeg or jpg format. Graphics or line art may be sent in the gif format. Submit all photos and graphics with 300 dpi resolution. Pertinent reference information should be sent along with all photographs and graphics.

3. FORMAT - Information (text only) must be received via e-mail as an attached Microsoft Word Document. If the attachment is too large to send via e-mail due to in-house mail server size limitations, information may be provided on a travel drive or cd-rom.

URL – The requested web updates should reference the specific web page to be updated by URL (i.e.,

TITLE/KEYWORDS/DESCRIPTION – For each new page created, a general description and a set of 25 relevant keywords must be submitted for search engine indexing purposes.

LINKS - Any content containing links should list the complete URL within parenthesis next to the text that is to be linked.

PUBLICATION DATES – Web update requests should include a Start Run Date (the date in which the material should be published online) and an End Run Date (for calendar items, home page news section).

5. TIME FRAME – All web updates requests must be submitted 5-10 business days before the item is to be published. Emergency News Releases or Media Advisories will be published within a reasonable time period.