Office of Marketing and Communications

Website Content Policy

The Morehouse College Website is the digital front door to the College. It is our primary marketing tool, and thus the website must always be consistent with the Image and brand of Morehouse College. Its use should be maximized to further the mission and goals of the College. Under the new content management system, members of the Morehouse community will be able to directly manage and update the content for their department and/or group. This will ensure the Morehouse site has fresh and dynamic content that is the more current, relevant and accurate. In developing and  updating content, all departments must adhere to this policy, the style guide and the visual identity guide to ensure brand consistency.

The policy applies to all departments, student groups, or College-Sponsored Programs or Activities that use or any other Morehouse Branded Website.

College-Sponsored Programs or Activities: Any program or activity involving faculty, staff or students of Morehouse College that is identified as being sponsored, facilitated or supported by Morehouse College.

Morehouse Branded Website: Any web presence, including social media presence, that is identified as belonging to a department, student organization (or group) of College-sponsored program (or activity) at Morehouse College, including any microsites that are currently maintained separately from the that will be migrated to the main website in a manner consistent with this policy.

Content Manager: A Morehouse student or employee who has been identified by each department, student group, or College-Sponsored Program or Activity, as appropriate, that will be responsible for maintaining web-presence of the specified department, student group or college-sponsored activity.

Morehouse Visual Identity Program & Guidelines or Visual Identity Program: The guidelines for the College’s unified graphic and branding identity.

Morehouse Web Style Guide or Style Guide: As a supplement to the Visual Identity Program, the  Style Guide identifies the characteristics of and all related websites. The style requirements are built into the Morehouse website content management system and should only be altered by the webmaster.

All Morehouse Branded Websites must observe the requirements contained in this policy, and must also be consistent with the Style Guide and the Visual Identity Program. Departments, student- groups, and College-Sponsored Programs and Activities cannot maintain web domains or other websites separate from To the extent that department, group, program or activity has done so in the past, there will be a grace period to allow for an orderly transfer of any  such site back to the domain.

Each department, student-group and College-Sponsored Program or Activity must identify a Content Manager that will be responsible for ensuring compliance with this and other applicable policies, as well as updating and refreshing content on All Content Managers must complete the required training before receiving access to the Morehouse website systems. Content managers will also be required to complete the continuing training that will be offered periodically. All credentials for access to the Morehouse website system must be guarded with the strictest of confidence and Content Managers will be held responsible for safeguarding that information and meeting all training requirements.

Use of College Name, Seal and  Marks
The College’s name, seal, word mark, logo and the athletic Maroon Tiger are among the words and symbols that are trademarked by the College and protected by law. The Office of General Counsel and Compliance monitors the use of College trademarks, including use on websites.

The Office of Strategic Communications’ Visual Identity Program provides information on use of these marks by faculty, staff, students and alumni of Morehouse College.

Any use must be in connection with College-Sponsored Programs or Activities and must be in compliance with the Style Guide and Visual Identity Program.

All electronic publications must follow College and legal standards regarding copyright. Content Managers must secure permission from the owner of the copyright when including copyrighted or trademarked material such as text, photographs, audio, video, graphics, maps or logos, and include a permission statement or disclaimer as required by the owner of the copyright or trademark. For more information on copyright, see the College’s Copyright Policy ad contact the Office of General Counsel and Compliance.

Student  Information Disclosure
The disclosure of Information about student is governed by the Family Educational Rights and  Privacy Act (FERPA). The registrar’s website describe guideline for release of student information under FERPA. Policies will also be maintained on the Office of General Counsel and Compliance website. Content Managers are advised to consult FERPA guideline prior to posting student information of their websites.

If any Content Manager needs to collect individually identifiable information (social security numbers, phone numbers, addresses, etc.), please consult with the Office of General Counsel and Compliance. In collecting individually identifiable information, the Content Manager must provide a privacy statement on the website. The state must be clear and easily accessible, and should cover the Federal Trade Commission’s five core principles of privacy: notice, consent, access, security and enforcement. Websites that collect individually identifiable information and provide services to  children age 12 and under also may be required to comply with provisions of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Any such sites will have to include additional security and authentication steps.

In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act and College non-discrimination policies, all electronic publication, to the extent feasible, must be made accessible to people with disabilities. If it is not feasible, alternative methods must be made available to complete the same tasks. Please consult with the Office of General Counsel and Compliance or  the Office of Disability Services, if you have any questions about accessibility.

Links to and from Non-College Websites
Links from a Morehouse College page to any non-college site must not imply College endorsement of the site’s products or services. A disclaimer must be included, unless it is clear from the context that the College does not endorse the product or service.  The disclaimer is:

Links on these pages to non-college sites do not represent endorsement by Morehouse College or its affiliates.

The College welcomes links to its website for educational and informational purposes. However, the link must not imply affiliation with or endorsement by Morehouse College.

Personal Web Pages
Under the new CMS, Morehouse community members will be able to create and update individual website pertaining to their professional profile at Morehouse College. The content of these sites will  be the sole responsibility of their authors. To the extent that faculty or students have external  personal webpages, as a service and for informational purposes only, the College may provide lists of and/or links to personal web pages. The College is not responsible for and does not monitor the content of these pages.

However, the College may investigate complaints, and may remove or limit access to web pages that are deemed unacceptable. Since access to College web space is privilege, acceptability will be determined primarily on how closely the content of the site is related to the individual’s role in the College’s mission of teaching, research, creative work and public service.

Person web pages are subject to all existing laws and College policies, and my not be used to promote or advertise businesses, goods or services or to provide financial gain for any individual or organization.

Personal web pages must not convey the impression that the author is representing, giving opinions, or otherwise making statements on behalf of the College or any unit of the College.  A disclaimer  must be included unless it is clear from the context that an author is not representing the College.   The disclaimer is:

The opinions or statements expressed herein should not be taken as a position or endorsement by Morehouse College.