Morehouse College will be closed on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 due to inclement weather expected in the Atlanta area.

Office of Strategic Communications

T4 Content Management System

The Office of Communications web team, with support from the Morehouse Technology Group, launched a new website content management system (CMS) on

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager is a market leading enterprise web content management solution for Universities and Colleges across the US, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland. The Terminal Four (T4) content management system was selected after extensive research and is currently used by over 300 clients, many in Higher Education.

It should be noted that while developing the CMS driven site, the web team simultaneously maintained and updated the old site. That’s why you haven’t noticed the switch. They also continued developing new sites and facilitated moving our web site to a new Apple Web server supported by IT.  The new server should increase the speed in which our website pages are downloaded and reduce the amount of downtime we have been experiencing.

In moving Morehouse College from a web template model into a content management system, we will achieve the following objectives:

  • Build a unified look and feel for the Morehouse College web presence that is consistent across all media and publications;
  • Make visual theme changes to the entire Morehouse College web presence quick and easy, eliminating the need to touch and reconstruct every web page;
  • Make updates quickly in response to current events, issues, and user feedback;
  • Reduce the technical skills and resources necessary to contribute content to the web;
  • Make “content” the focus of our web presence;
  • Eliminate redundant, extraneous and outdated materials;
  • Ensure web page integrity by using a web publishing model that facilitates regular editorial review for accuracy and currency prior to publishing;

CMS Training

Departmental content managers appointed by their supervisors are eligible for TerminalFour training. First-time trainings (one hour) cover the fundamental skills needed to develop web pages in the TerminalFour content management system (CMS). Refresher courses (offered from 1:30-2 pm) cover specific tasks and remind content managers of things the T4 system can do to make their job easier. Register online or by phone at 470-639-0731.