Office of Strategic Communications

Photography and Filming Guidelines - Commercial and Non-Commercial

Thank you for your interest in Morehouse College as a possible filming location.  These guidelines have been developed to outline policies and procedures for commercial and non-commercial filming and photography on the Morehouse College campus and off-campus locations associated with the institution.

The Office of Strategic Communications will coordinate all requests for commercial and non-commercial filming and photography at Morehouse College.  Requests should be routed to Kara Walker via email at

Photography and Filming (Non-commercial)

All photographs and videotapes taken for Morehouse College are the property of Morehouse College and may be used for Morehouse College promotional purposes (e.g. electronic and printed publications, websites, classroom use, college ads, etc.).  The College reserves the right to take photographs and video of campus facilities and scenes, events, faculty, staff, and students for College use in any areas on campus where subjects do not have an expectation of privacy and provided the photographs do not violate the privacy of the subject.

These photographs and videotapes often include Students in classrooms, study areas, residence halls, and at athletic events and PSC-related activities.

Morehouse College does not attempt to collect photo release forms from members of its faculty, staff, or student body.  Instead, we make the assumption that Morehouse faculty, staff, and students are our best resources for marketing the College and its constituencies and that they will welcome involvement in these activities.

Morehouse reserves the right to use these photographs and videotapes as a part of its publicity and marketing efforts. Students who enroll at Morehouse do so with the understanding that these photographs and videotapes might include their names, pictures, images, voices, and likenesses, and such photographs or videotapes might be included, published, or used in Morehouse publications including print, broadcast, or electronic media, for publicity, commercial, or marketing purposes, and enrollment at Morehouse  constitutes Students' consent to the inclusion, publication, or use of their names, pictures, images, voices, and likenesses in Morehouse publications, both printed and electronic, for publicity, commercial, promotional, or marketing purposes without compensation.

Photography and Filming (Commercial)

The Office of Strategic Communications will coordinate all requests for commercial and non-commercial filming and photography at Morehouse College. Requests should be routed to Kara Walker via email at

Campus agencies that may be affected by a film project: security, grounds, and academic divisions – depend on the Office of Communications to screen all requests and confirm arrangements.  Please do not contact campus departments directly.

Obtaining approval

Large-scale film or photography projects can only take place with the written permission of the College. The production company must ensure the College has at least six weeks for any proposed filming activity to be considered. Shorter requests will be vetted at the discretion of the College. Details that must be submitted for initial approval are:

  • The name of the production company
  • Type of production
  • The script or synopsis and shoot schedule
  • Proposed shoot location(s)
  • Proposed activity, including proposals to film subjects of a controversial nature
  • Proposed length of shoot 
  • Contact name and number and email address

Once approved, the proposal will be turned over to a campus liaison who will serve as the point of contact for the production company and location manager on the logistics of the production. 

The following additional information will be required by the campus liaison before filming begins:

  • Details about the scale of the production in terms of personnel and vehicles
  • Proposals to use special effects, rain or snow machines or stunt work on public footways or carriages
  • Proposals to alter or disguise property
  • Detailed plans for any pre-filming recces – please note that all such recces must take place in the company of a College representative and only the specified locations noted in the contract can be visited

No filming will take place without a signed contract that outlines the terms agreed upon between the College and the production company. Any rental fee for the use of the College’s property is at the College’s discretion and must be paid before production begins.


Most areas of the Morehouse College campus may be used for filming.  However, all locations must be properly vetted and approved by the College. Prior to filming and at a minimum of seven (7) business days prior to the desired date, a representative of the production company must walk through the desired location(s) with a representative of the Office of Communications and/or Office of Event Support Services.

The production company must ensure that all necessary emergency services are notified of filming activity and access for emergency vehicles must always be maintained during location filming. In particular, the Morehouse College Police Department must be notified if the production company is to stage crimes, accidents, use firearms, dress artists as policemen or other members of the emergency services. Campus police must also be notified and the proper municipal permits must be obtained if the production company plans to disrupt traffic or close public pathways or highways.

Filmmakers should be sensitive to the multi-cultural Campus community and students, staff and members of the public should be treated with courtesy at all times. To that end:

  • Noise should be kept to a minimum
  • Crew members should use only the agreed upon space for filming and should keep access to buildings, corridors and offices clear at all times
  • Crew members must not trespass onto neighboring property or enter areas of the location which have not been cleared by the campus liaison
  • All waste materials or dustsheets should be provided where appropriate to cover furniture or flooring for interior filming
  • Objects belonging to the location must not be moved or removed without the owner’s permission
  • All waste material and equipment must be removed from the site once filming is completed
  • Catering services are available for hire through the campus catering services. Details can be obtained from the campus liaison

Script approval:

Prior to shooting, a copy of the final script storyboard(s) or synopsis associated with the scenes being shot on campus must be submitted to the Office of Strategic Communications for approval.  Script approval must be granted prior to the signing of the Agreement.


The location fee is based on a half-day/full-day rate system.  The time coverage by the agreement begins when the first production vehicle arrives and ends when the last one leaves on the day of the shoot. 

The Office of Strategic Communications will assist the film company with scouts, securing permission to film from various campus agents, handling contract negotiations, and assisting the cast and crew on the day(s) of filming.  Charges for these services are listed as an administration fee on the invoice. 

Fees for campus services (security, custodial, etc.) will be listed separately.  An itemized invoice will be forwarded to the company fourteen (14) days after the culmination of shooting on campus.  All fees must be paid in accordance with the policies and procedures set forth by the Office of Business and Finance at Morehouse.


The production company is responsible for providing evidence of viable insurance policies as set forth in the contract within 72 hours of the first day of shooting.   The production company also will need to have secured adequate City of Atlanta permits within this same timeframe.

A Certificate of Insurance naming Morehouse College as additionally insured for the day(s) of the shoot must be provided, as follows and for not less than:

    US $5 Million - All feature/television productions
    US $3 Million - All documentary productions
    US $1 Million - All still photography/small video productions

A Certificate of Insurance must be from a licensed insurance carrier and the carriers license must be current and in effect through the filming.  The address for the certificate should read:

Undria Stalling
Vice President/Interim Chief Financial Officer
830 Westview Drive, SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30314


Special arrangements for parking specific vehicles (generator, production truck, staff cars, etc.) can be arranged.  All other parking will be subject to normal parking procedures.