Office of Communications

Policy & Standards

The Morehouse College's presence on the World Wide Web ( is essential to its mission of teaching, research, creative work, and public service. The College’s website provides key external and internal constituencies access to timely and accurate information about the College and its individual offices, divisions and programs. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to publish freely and openly on the World Wide Web within the constraints and guidelines of existing laws and policies.

Thus, the College's web policy seeks to establish standards and guidelines that will:

  • support the vision, mission, goals, and traditional academic values of the college;
  • assist web publishers in developing sites that comply with college policies, rules, and regulations, and local, State, and Federal laws; and
  • facilitate the official business of the College and appropriate online transactions.

This document applies to:

  •, the official web site of Morehouse College
  • web pages located on servers within the domain
    college sites outside using approved MC trademarks in their domain names
  • web pages prepared for any organization or activity receiving college funds, or with funds maintained in the Morehouse College financial system, excluding agency affiliates
  • faculty, staff, and student pages on servers connected to the Campus network
  •, the official intranet of Morehouse College

It also describes policies that will assist web publishers outside the college in appropriate use of the college's resources.

The Division of Information Services encourages you to familiarize yourself with the Web Policy and Web Identity Standards.

Social Networking
The Morehouse College Guidelines for Social Networking (pdf) are intended to guide and enable faculty, staff, students, and alumni who create and administer social networking pages on behalf of Morehouse College.