New Student Orientation

Student Health Services

Morehouse College Student Health Service (SHS) staff is here to provide the best healthcare possible for students. We welcome you and look forward to serving you in your time of need.

SHC provides health care for all students registered in the current semester with four or more credit hours. In case of illness, students are encouraged to visit the Student Health Center during normal hours of operation.

pre-entrance medical examination and immunization form is required of all new and transfer students upon entering the College. In case of illness, students are urged to use Student Health Center during the hours of operation. Parents or guardians will be notified of any serious illness, accident or injury.

Medical treatment in the Student Health Center is free to all eligible Morehouse College students. A portion of student fees is designated to defray the cost of campus health services. Students are not required to pay for diagnosis, treatment or medication dispensed from the drug formulary.

Students entering the health center are required to register at the front desk with their name, classification and the time of the visit. All students requiring medical service must complete a medical history and insurance information form. Students must present a valid Morehouse I.D. to be treated. 

Students who have other insurance coverage (through their parents or other sources) are asked to have their insurance card or provide the Student Health Center with the necessary information regarding their insurance coverage (i.e., name of insurance company, complete address, telephone number, and policy and/or group number).