New Student Orientation

Foreign Language Placement Exam

Before arrival on campus, all incoming students (including beginners, transfer students and native speakers) who want to take French, German or Spanish to complete the Morehouse General Education requirement in language must complete the WebCAPE online placement exam.  Students should take the exam as soon as possible to expedite the completion of their schedule.  (For students interested in Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Latin, see instructions below.)     

Morehouse is an academic community. All members of the community are expected to abide by ethical standards both in their conduct and in their exercise of responsibilities toward other members of the community. The Morehouse College Policy on Academic Integrity establishes the basis for academic standards at the College and the procedures for handling violations of them. The policy is based on an understanding that disciplinary actions for academic dishonesty should serve both an educational and disciplinary function.

The exam should be taken in a quiet place with no external aids (i.e., electronic devices, books, notes, other students, etc.).  Students are expected to adhere to basic standards of honesty and academic integrity when taking the exam.  At the beginning of the semester, your instructor will verify your level of competency and you might be asked to take the exam again. **

You CANNOT use this exam to place out of the Morehouse language requirement.  Only verified AP, International Baccalaureate and CLEP scores, or transferable credit and native-speaking ability, will qualify for exemption.  

A word of advice: Considering the essential role of a second language for graduate schools and careers, the Department of Modern Foreign Languages strongly encourages students who already speak a second language well to continue taking upper-level language courses to maintain and improve their fluency. 

**Modern Foreign Language Department reserves the right to require students to retake the placement examination to ensure proper placement.