Prospective Midshipmen

Life of a Midshipman

It was said that, being a Midshipman means you do more work by 10am(1000hrs) than most people do in a normal day. You will have mandatory wakeups early, 0530 kind of early. Three times a week, and more depending on if you are a Marine Option, or a Midshipman on the Fitness Enhancement Program (FEP). You will have busy evenings and sometimes busy weekends. This unit demands a great deal from each and every one of its midshipmen. This of course makes your existence as a midshipman very difficult. However, achieving the goals set forth makes you a better person, and places you a cut above the rest of your peers. Only those ready to step up to the plate and show the colors will succeed. Are you ready?

Information regarding 2 and 3 Year NROTC Scholarships is now available.  

Students who have been awarded a 4-year NROTC scholarship and have been assigned Morehouse College will be contacted via email by Morehouse College scholarship officer in May.

Midshipmen Scholarship Standings

Midshipmen in the Naval ROTC program are either Scholarship students or College Program students.

Scholarship students have their tuition and academic courses paid for in full by the Navy. They also receive a monthly stipend as pay and a book stipend once a semester. Housing pay is not covered by these stipends and falls upon the individual. Uniforms and all required apparel are provided by the Navy as well. Being on scholarship also entails a summer cruise between each year of schooling.

Details on the Scholarship are provided on the Morehouse NROTC page and the official Navy page.

College Program students do not receive any sort of direct pay for their schooling. These are motivated students that have not yet received a scholarship but still opt to participate fully in the NROTC program.

Details on the College Program are provided at the official Navy page. Frequently asked questions about the college program at Morehouse College can be found here.


Unit Operation

Regardless of standing, Scholarship students and College Programmers participate in all ROTC functions throughout each semester.

Drill is held twice a week for one hour. Here, midshipmen learn about all aspects of being Naval Officer.These drill periods can cover close order drill, CO briefs, personal finance, and briefs from fellow midshipmen on their experiences during summer cruise. Drill is not a class and thus requires no registration. However, students can not have a class during this time as attendance at drill is mandatory.

Physical fitness is of the utmost importance to the Navy and Marine Corps. Therefore, every midshipmen must attend at least three PT sessions each week. Once a week, the Battalion meets as a whole for PT. The other two sessions are covered by other groups depending on a few factors. Most midshipmen will PT with their respective divisions twice a week. If midshipmen are lacking in certain physical areas they will be placed on Remedial PT. Remedial is meant specifically to improve overall performance and get midshipmen back to working out with their divisions. Marine Options PT separately in order to prepare for Officer Candidate School and the more rigorous standards that the Marine Corps places on these midshipmen

Midshipman Billets

Developing leaders is one of the core missions of the NROTC program. During their time with the Battalion, each midshipman will hold certain billets or jobs to help encourage good leadership for entering the fleet as an officer.

The Battalion is made up of divisions that do certain jobs such as managing tailgates or keeping midshipmen supplied with the proper equipment. Each division is led by a Chief and Division Officer. Divisions are grouped together to form the Administrative and Operations departments which are subsequently headed by a Senior Chief and Department Head. As a whole, the entire Battalion is led by the Midshipman Commanding Officer, the Midshipman Executive Officer, and the Battalion Master Chief.