NROTC - U.S, Marine Corps

Marine Corps

Every Marine is a rifleman.

As America's expeditionary force, a Marine is a global leader, trained to meet operational demands, both on the battlefield and in the classroom. Each Marine is field tested and expected to perform at the highest levels of achievement at all times. Marine is not just a title, but a commitmment to duty, honor, and selfless service to their fellow man.

As a Marine, you will be expected to lead under pressure, handle challenging decisions, and position yourself as an example to others. The Marine Platoon at the Naval ROTC unit at Morehouse College is designed to prepare officers who can lead Marines in order to accomplish these tasks. Marine Option midshipmen from the Morehouse College and the Georgia Tech unit come together to form the NROTC Atlanta Marine Platoon. For more information visit our website at


Marine Option Military Occupation Specialty

Approximately six months after graduation Marine Option midshipmen attend The Basic School (TBS). During this six month training school, Marine Officers will list their preferences for Military Occupation Specialty (MOS). Marine Options will have the opportunity to receive a flight contract during their time in Naval ROTC. Otherwise, newly commissioned Marine Officers will compete for their MOS at TBS after graduation.