Office of Strategic Communications

Visual Identity Program & Guidelines

The visual identity program was developed to assist individual units of the College in using the Morehouse logo, typestyles and colors in their communications materials in print, web and electronic media. This guide contains strict standards designed to reflect a clear and consistent image of the College, but it also allows individual departments and offices to adopt different, more individualized looks when they are communicating with their own internal audiences. By complying with its specifications, you help project a clear, unifying image for the College as a whole.

Remember, however, that the College’s image is not a matter of imagery alone. How well we communicate—accurate spelling and word choice, flawless grammar and punctuation—is just as important to presenting Morehouse in the best possible light to all our various audiences. The editorial style guide is a compilation of rules and standards that ensures that all written communication from the College is professional, accurate and consistently excellent.

The implementation of both of these standards into every instance of communications emanating from the College is essential to maintaining the level of excellence for which Morehouse is renowned. We all play a vital role in continuing to build the College’s considerable strengths, which include proud traditions, promising students, dedicated faculty and staff and an international reputation for academic excellence for producing exceptional men with a steadfast commitment to scholarship, leadership and service.

We encourage all offices to recycle any old stationery, publications and other print collaterals that contain outdated messages and feature the old College logo. Our office and the Printing Services Office will work with you to reprint your materials using these guidelines and policies. The Strategic Communications staff will be available to respond to your questions.

Thank you for working with the Office of Strategic Communications to further the mission of Morehouse by safeguarding the College’s reputation and public image.