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Date Released: October 2, 2017


Most people know that civil rights legend Martin Luther King Jr. ’48 is a Morehouse Man, as are theologian Howard Thurman ’23 or filmmaker Shelton “Spike” Lee ’79.

But many don’t know that the guy giving men around the world style advice is a Morehouse Man, as is Bruno Mars’ trumpeter, the head of the U.S. Congressional Black Caucus, and even Fonzworth Bentley.

The new web site has their stories and hundreds of others. Featuring engaging portrait photography, the site gives a quick glimpse of Morehouse graduates and their accomplishments in a variety of fields. 

With nearly 50 percent of all Morehouse graduates finishing in the past two decades, Morehouse officials decided it was time to be more contemporary in connecting with younger alumni.

“We are trying to find new ways to engage a segment of the alumni base that felt like they haven’t been engaged in creative ways,” said Joe Carlos, program manager for Young Alumni Engagement in Morehouse’s Office of Alumni Engagement.  “This vehicle brings to life the names on the pages, when we talk about alums.” 

Carlos and his team looked at how other colleges and universities highlight recent graduates and found none that were doing anything as bold as, particularly when focusing on those who graduated from the 1990s to the present.

The site was created not only as platform to highlight graduates like plastics and hand surgeon Dr. Steven Clark ’00, or eBay vice president and Chief Diversity Officer Damien Hooper-Campbell ’02. 

“A great deal of what I’m doing and will continue to do is to shed light on accomplishments, to talk about different things these guys are doing all over the world, as well as find ways for intergenerational connections where one can share their time, talent or treasure with the College and with each other,” Carlos said.

The site serves as a resource to prospective students or current students or alumni looking for someone in their fields who can serve as mentors, offer advice or even just provide stories that inspire.

“Let’s say there is someone who says, ‘I want to be a principal but I don’t know anyone from Morehouse who are principals,’” Carlos said.  “They can look here and find out who that person would be.”

Carlos said the site has also inspired those same alums to reach back to Morehouse.

“They are saying, ‘What I can I do to help?,’” Carlos said. “That’s when I talk to them about all the different things we are going to be doing across the country.”

He said the future phases of the site will use video and allow more interaction with those being featured. Carlos said those who want to be featured on the site should email him at  

Henry Goodgame ’84, director of Morehouse’s Office of Alumni Engagement and Corporate Giving, said this is a great opportunity to tell the stories of those younger alums. 

“We do not necessarily know about those achievements,” he said.  “And it also provides inspiration for those who are older alums, sort of saying that Morehouse is in good hands and that Morehouse is still producing excellence.”

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