Why I Will Be Giving to Morehouse for #GivingTuesday

Date Released: November 27, 2017


This past week I found myself in a heated debate with three of my Morehouse brothers. All of us, recent alums, discussed what we could do to make Morehouse better. We reflected on what Morehouse meant to us and how we wanted to see it improve. We talked about our struggles with financial aid, shared memories of our NSO experience, and how some of our professors impacted our lives. We all agreed that none of us would trade our experiences for the world. We all graduated in 2017, three of us are currently in graduate school, and the other is working at Moody’s. It was clear that Morehouse had served us well, but what about the next generation? Could our beloved institution keep serving young men for 150 more years? Does Morehouse have the support to last? What could we do to help? These questions were ones we looked to answer.

We came to the conclusion that in order for Morehouse to continue to strive and serve the world in the way that it has, it’s imperative that every member of the Morehouse community give.

Morehouse Men, friends and family, we must all do our part to give to our beloved institution. On this #GivingTuesday I’d like to share some reasons why I’ll be giving to Morehouse today and in the future.

#1. The House is Bigger Than Us 

Morehouse College has been changing the lives of black men since 1867. Since its conception, Morehouse has been a beacon for producing excellent black men. Men coming from Morehouse go on to start businesses, write books, and make an impact in many different ways. The work that this school has done is immaculate and overwhelming. Looking at every single great man who has ever graduated from Morehouse and has done great things is very impressive. Morehouse Men do big work.

Personally, I’ve had my issues with Morehouse. No school is perfect. Everyone could share a story in which their water was running cold instead of warm in the shower or the financial aid office was slow to process their paperwork. These issues are frustrating; I get that. But when we focus so closely on the negative moments we experienced in undergraduate school, that thinking diminishes the positive moments we all were blessed to encounter. 

When giving to Morehouse I’m not thinking about my insignificant, negative moments. I’m motivated by the great moments I shared with my friends, the professors who changed my life, and the alumni that have continually encouraged me on my journey. I want other young brothers to have this experience and feel the pride I feel when I say I graduated from this institution.

Giving to Morehouse isn’t just about me. It’s also about the students following me, the ones I know will be blessed by The House in the same way I was. 

#2. We Are Enough 

Whenever I hear words such as “giving,” “support,” or “philanthropy,” I think that it requires a massive amount of money or effort to make a difference. What I’ve come to understand is that all it takes is effort and good intentions. Each and every one of us possess talents, abilities, and skills. No one is insignificant. To think about all the needs of Morehouse and where it can improve is overwhelming; but when we focus on what we as individuals can do, change can take place.

To view our inadequacies as a an excuse not to support our college is a poor choice of inaction. Benjamin Franklin said it best: “We constantly change the world, even by our inaction. Therefore, let us change it responsibly.”

I know I don’t have all of the resources, but I do have some. I plan to assess my finances, talents, and skills to look for ways to give to Morehouse. I hope that you decide to do the same.

#3. We Must Protect Our Own

With talks of federal budget cuts to HBCU’s and students under the Donald Trump administration, it’s clear that HBCU’s are going to have to increase funding to survive. We all wear t-shirts to Homecoming games and wear our best suits for Commencement, but how many of us are giving? It’s evident that our school needs us and we must protect it. If the government is looking to cut funding we must step in and improve our giving to make certain Morehouse continues to thrive.

Morehouse is a game-changing institution. It has changed the lives of so many men and I hope it will continue to do so. One way to ensure this happens is by giving to Morehouse and supporting our school.

I plan to give on this #GivingTuesday and I hope you do the same.

Be Inspired.

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