Morehouse Junior Jeffrey Butler Gains On-The-Job Experience

Date Released: September 22, 2017


For Jeffrey Butler, the decision to come to Morehouse College had more to do with obtaining a top-tier education.

“Education is universal no matter where you go,” said Butler, 20. “As an African-American man, I needed a safe haven where I can learn about my true self.”

A native of Fort Washington, Md., Butler is a junior seeking a dual degree — in applied physics at Morehouse and mechanical engineering at another institution.

 From May to August 2017, Butler was working in his field. He completed an internship with the General Electric power division in Marietta, Ga. Butler joined the Fleet Risk Reliability Team, which focuses on discovering new ways to make gas turbine engines more reliable. Engines are inspected and repaired by the division.

 “During this time, the customer is losing money from the generator being down,” he explained. “My department’s job was to find ways to cut down on that time. My team's purpose was to use data from past outages to predict outages in the future so we can make the necessary adjustments.” 

Bulter said he “had the pleasure of making an empirical model that predicted the future of the fleet's failures and therefore was able to recommend solutions to increase the reliability in the turbines.”

That experience, combined with Butler’s dual degree, likely will better position him for work in the “exploration side of engineering,” he said. Butler also wants to pursue a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. He is interested in “finding new ways to make this world a better place,” he said. 

“I would like to work for NASA, and then branch out to other major companies, and finally, open my own business,” he added.

The pursuit of a dual degree is not the only thing keeping Butler busy these days. He is part of the E-Board for Students for Sustainability, an environmentally conscious group that promotes the preservation of natural resources and the reduction of pollution.

“We have community cleanups and a community garden that we facilitate,” he said. “Also, we are working closely with the city of Atlanta to create new opportunities to make the AUC more sustainable.”

Butler is an athlete on Morehouse College’s track team. He said the experience is teaching him time management skills and life lessons about being a successful Man of Morehouse.

“Coach Hill not only focuses on developing student-athletes, but also great men,” Butler said. “Sports is a microcosm of life, and it’s essential that we find those connections.” 

Butler is also an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. He said his College experience is giving him a new sense of family.

“It was essential that I go to a school that will help me find my true self,” he said. “This way, I will have a name for myself and no one can take that away from me.”

More about Jeffrey Butler:

Name: Jeffrey Butler

Age: 20

Major: Dual degree, applied physics and mechanical engineering

Hometown: Fort Washington, Maryland

Clubs: Students for Sustainability, Morehouse College track team, Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity


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