Gandhi, King, Ikeda Community Builder's Prize To Be Awarded March 30

Date Released: March 23, 2017


Brother James Gaffney, President Emeritus of Lewis University, will be honored with the prestigious 2017 "Gandhi, King, Ikeda Community Builder’s Prize" at a special ceremony on Thursday, March 30, at the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel.

Gaffney was chosen to receive the award for his more than 40-year record of educational leadership and involvement in the community, including three decades as President at Lewis, said Dr. Lawrence E. Carter, Founder of the Gandhi, King, Ikeda Institute for Global Ethics and Reconciliation.

The Gandhi, King, Ikeda Community Builders prize recognizes those who work to improve the human condition and inspire others to join them in their efforts like the giants for which the award was named. Mohandas K. Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Daisaku Ikeda share a common legacy of dedicating their lives to improve the lives of people.

Dr. Carter, Dean of King Chapel, said that Gaffney has worked to “guide the world through higher education to mutual respect and enlightenment ... [and encouraged] humanity to overcome barriers to a more peaceful, moral, and cosmopolitan future.”

An oil portrait of Gaffney will be added to the "Hall of Honor" at King Chapel. He also will participate in a panel discussion following the ceremony. 

During his tenure as President, Gaffney directed efforts to transform the Lewis University campus into a dynamic community with several new academic buildings, residence halls, a Science Center and athletic facilities. He guided an expansion of the curriculum to more than 125 undergraduate and graduate programs and helped to boost the enrollment to nearly 6,800 students. Programs were added to provide cultural and humanitarian activities, including assisting those in need locally, nationally, and abroad.

Located in Romeoville, Ill., Lewis University is the seventh largest private university in Illinois.  


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