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2001 Gandhi, King, Ikeda

His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal

On April 8, 2001 at Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia, nearly 2000 people gathered in the Martin Luther King Jr., International Chapel to celebrate and honor His Royal Prince El Hassan Bin Talal , President of The Club of Rome as the first recipient of the Community Builders Prize.

Prince Hassan widely recognized as a world leader in the area of peace, human rights, and intercultural dialog ,a pioneer of peace efforts in the Middle East, bringing together Muslims, Jews and Christians, to discuss peaceful solutions for humanity.

In Prince Hassan acceptance speech, titled On The Ethics Of Reconciliation and Tolerance, he stated: “The realization that possibly the longest distance in the world is from the mind to the heart. We must stop working against something and start working for something, working for a sharing of cultures and perceptions”.


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