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Chapel Assistants Program

The Chapel Assistants Program is a comprehensive year-round program that develops leadership qualities and skills in undergraduate students; many of whom go on to earn terminal degrees from some of the nation’s premier seminaries and university-based divinity schools.

The program provides preparatory education and the professional practice of ministry and full guidance for a new generation in developing effective ecumenical ministries. The program is being expanded to include international study, travel, and church placements. 


Within the Chapel Assistants Program there are student-led programming and that is as follows:

Theological Table Talks: Each Thursday the Chapel Assistants engage in table talks on issues ranging from politics to religion, theological formation, vocational discernment, leadership development, and church administration.

Sandy F. Ray Preaching Lab: As “iron sharpens iron,” the Sandy F. Ray Preaching Lab offers chapel assistants the opportunity to deliver a sermon throughout the year for constructive criticism and advice from peers and seasoned homileticians.

Seminary Swing: The Chapel Assistants program holds a long-standing tradition of preparing its members for theological education on the graduate level. This preparation is due in part to the annual Seminary Swing trip which offers chapel assistants the opportunity to experience student life at distinguished university based divinity schools and schools of theology as well as highly regarded independent seminaries. Each Seminary Swing trip gives students the opportunity to visit a wide variety of institutions by targeting a region of the country with a significant concentration of graduate theological institutions.

Vespers Services: Held weekly, Vespers are reflective, creative and enlightening student-centered and student-led worship experiences open to the Atlanta University Center Consortium and wider Atlanta community. Our vespers services are intentionally intimate worship experiences that minister to the total person—mind, body and spirit—through diverse expressions such as preaching, creative arts, drama, music and dialogue.

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