If you are an alumnus of the Department of Modern Foreign Languages, please consider sending us an email and telling us how you are doing since you graduated – further degrees, jobs, awards, etc.

Japan 2017

The Modern Foreign Language Department was one of the few places on campus, where I did not hear the words, "you cannot do that" in regards to my career goals, dreams and goals for learning foreign languages. Instead,  the faculty and staff welcomed me with enthusiasm and even supported me on my journey. It is because I had the support of the department's staff & faculty that I could dream big and make my mark not only at Morehouse or the Atlanta University Center, but in the world as well.  Thanks to the MFL depart. I was able to study abroad in Costa Rica and engage in a international relations program in Japan. Their support also afforded me the opportunity to speak on an Argentinian radio station about Black Lives Matter and police brutality. Most importantly, it is the department’s support that allowed me to serve in Morehouse College community and in the greater community of Atlanta. I could distinguish faculty and staff by name who positively contributed to my growth but that would be a lie. The truth is that every person in the Modern Foreign Language department who I've met have blessed my time at Morehouse in one way or another. I hope that future students could experience the same feeling I did so that more people will realize how special the MFL department is.

Samuel Buchanan - Spanish major

Chile 2016

From sunny 90°F and days spent in shorts and t-shirt in the Peach state to 35°F and three levels of thick clothing layers in the Andes mountain, the drastic weather change was a metaphor for the adventures I was about to live. Six years without taking a Spanish class, thank Daddy Yankee and Reggeaton for the practice during that time, there I was in the land of Pablo Neruda attempting to master the language that earned him a Nobel prize, Spanish. For about two months, words rushed out of my professors, friends, and classmates mouths to stop at the tip of my ear and not enter, or translate into “Bla bla bla.” For about two months, I spent on average an hour to fully comprehend a paragraph in Spanish. For about two months, no days went by without me questioning my decision to take all my classes in Chile and in Spanish, what was I thinking? The difficulty of the challenge deeply frustrated me and taught me to be kinder and more patient, especially to myself. The support and understanding from wonderful professors and friends helped me to overcome my language barrier and allowed me to channel my frustration into hard work. I only started to realize my fluency in the language when I received my final grades on essays I turned in at the end of the semester. The joy and pride that rose from seeing my results were so intense (and still are) that they felt like my heart was getting the nicest possible massage, the feelings were uplifting. 15 cities later through Chile and Peru, countless conversations with locals about their stories, way of life, eating habits etc. who could hardly find any accent when we talked made me aware of how much progress I made. Life is seasoned by the challenges we face. In my case, this challenge fostered growth and allowed me to find a deeper sense of self. Life is decorated by the incredible encounters we make. I found my greatest source of joy from sharing experiences, meeting people from places I never even thought existed, and learning about their respective life vision. If I could, I would do it again!

Dofan Koné

Salutatorian 2016

The Department of Modern Foreign Languages equips students with the skills necessary to maneuver through the world as culturally competent individuals who are conscious of the need to develop global solutions to global problems. Its programs in Chinese, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese offer students the ability to study the languages and cultures of the world's most influential countries, therein helping men of Morehouse to appreciate and cultivate a respect for different value systems and ways of life. As a major in French and fluent speaker thereof, I can personally attest to the excellent level of instruction that MFL professors provide and to the impressive range of courses offered in a given year. I am certain that my time in the department not only prepared me well for my semester in Europe but also prepares me to compete in whichever venue I may choose on the international stage.

Rami Blair, senior major in French from Bangor, Maine
2014 - 2015 English-Speaking Union Luard Morse Scholar

White House

I served as a White House Intern in the Office of Presidential Correspondence during the Fall of 2014. Working mostly in the Gifts Department, I spent most of my time tracking, appraising and archiving thousands of gifts that were given to President Obama and the First Family by both the general public and VIPs. I got the chance to put my French major and Spanish skills to use by screening French and Spanish correspondence for sensitive material. My language abilities gave me an edge over other interns and allowed me to take on additional responsibilities.

James C. Chizungu - French Student

Buenos Aires, Argentina

For second semester junior year, I had the amazing opportunity to go live abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Having to live by myself in a foreign country with a new language was a rewarding challenge. I learned how to communicate myself more clearly and relate to others issues while trying to similarly establish life in the States. The best part about my semester was the life long friends I made. I found myself to be gregarious--a trait I suppose was dormant for many years. I enjoyed the candid conversations about life, growing up, and the local culture. Everyday was a new adventure as I yearned to converse in Spanish and improve my skills. I am confident to say that I am fluent in Spanish, with a slight specialization in Rioplatenese.

While in Buenos Aires, I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer with children. At Taller María y José, a boarding day-care, I learned I had a real love to work with children. Prior to this experience, I never thought I'd enjoy working with children so much, but they bring happiness to me every time I saw them. I not only practiced my Spanish with them, but also learned about their young lives and issues that they face.

Throughout my journey, I really learned how to be a global citizen. I learned the importance of socializing with individuals from all walks of life. More specifically as a black man, what it means to prosper abroad and how others receive me. I often comment how I was treated better in Buenos Aires as a black man than I was on my own country.

Through this experience, I definitely became a global citizen. Wanderlust has been sparked in my soul, and I cannot wait to explore a new part of the world. Abroad I believe I found my humanity. By that I mean what it no longer means to live as a black man in a community who deals with prejudice daily, but a man who lives in this world and is a human like everyone else.

Delonte Egwuatu - Spanish Student

International studies and French double major

I am a junior International studies and French double major from Rialto, CA. I have been taking French for 6 years now and 2 years at Morehouse. I have enjoyed the French program at Morehouse and it has benefited me while I have been studying French. I am truly grateful for the French program at Morehouse and I am glad to know that Morehouse takes an interest in developing world leaders that can compete in different cultures, countries, and languages. I am happy to be a French major and see what the department has next for the students who aspire to becoming fluent in French.

Theo Caruthers - French Student