1. What foreign languages does Morehouse College offer?

Morehouse College currently offers courses in Spanish, German, Portuguese and French and Chinese. Morehouse students are also able to take Latin and Japanese at Spelman College. 


2. I am unsure what level language course is best for me. Do you have a placement exam?

Yes, Morehouse College offers a placement exam in German, Spanish and French. The login information for this exam is sent out with the enrollment packet from the Office of Admissions. If you no longer have access to this information, please contact your advisor.

3. Do I have to take a placement exam?

The placement exam is not a requirement for the 101 level language courses. It is however required if you want to be placed in a 102, 201, 202 or 300 level course. 

4. How do I take a placement exam for Chinese, Portuguese, Latin or Japanese?

There is no placement exam for Portuguese, Chinese, Latin or Japanese. If you are interested in taking a 200 level (or higher) course in any of these languages, then you must speak with the respective professor. The language professor will determine your appropriate course level. For Atlanta University Center Consortium (Spelman and Clark Atlanta), you need to contact your advisor.

5. Can I take courses at another institution outside of the Atlanta University Center Consortium?

Yes, Morehouse students are able to take classes at other institutions. These courses, however, must be pre-approved by MFL program. For off-campus approval, complete the designated form (read the guidelines) and send it as a pdf file to your advisor and language advisor. It must be sent from your Morehouse email account only.

7. What do I need to take to fulfill my language requirement?


Students who entered Morehouse College prior to Fall 2018 can satisfy the foreign language requirement by taking two courses at the 201 -202 intermediate level (6 credit hours).  Courses taken at the 101-102 elementary level may be taken for elective credit only.


Students who will enter Morehouse College in Fall 2018 can satisfy the foreign language requirement by taking the sequence 101, 102 and 201 (9 credit hours). All students must take the placement exam to ensure proper placement. 

At the beginning of the semester, the instructor will verify all student levels of competency and/or the instructor might ask the student to take the placement test again. Upon evaluation, the student will be reassigned accordingly.

Modern Foreign Languages reserves the right to require students to retake the placement examination to ensure proper placement and reassign the student. The initial course that new incoming students are assigned will determine how many courses are needed to fulfill their language requirement. Students cannot skip the sequence.

8. I am proficient in a language that is not offered by the college? Can I test out of the foreign language requirement?

Yes. Morehouse students at an intermediate level or higher in a second language have various options to fulfill their General Education language requirement.  Students can:

  • Take the ACTFL OPI and earn a minimum score of Intermediate Low (ACTFL OPI offers more than 80 languages). For other languages, take an OPI through the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Language Center.
  • Earn a score of 4 on the AP Spanish, French or German exam.
  • Receive CLEP Level 2 with a score of 63.
  • Come from a high school with a Seal of Biliteracy.
  • Come from a high school with an International Baccalaureate Diploma.
  • Study Abroad during summer or semester, with specific proof of having satisfactorily completed the General Education language courses.
  • Satisfactorily complete 202 or one upper level course (300).

Once you demonstrate proficiency in another language, the Registrar’s Office to notify them of your foreign language exemption.

9. How many credits do I receive for testing out of a language? 

You will not receive any course credit hours for testing out of a language, however your academic records will show that you have fulfilled the language requirement. 


10. What language majors does Morehouse College currently offer?

We currently offer majors in Spanish and French.

11. What language minors does Morehouse College currently offer?

The department currently offers minors in Spanish, French, German, Latin American Studies, Asian Studies and European Studies.

12. How do I officially declare a language major or minor?

Contact your language advisor and visit our offices (Brawley 307).

13. Can I earn credits studying abroad? 

Yes. Each year Morehose College offers summer study abroad programs that will allow you to earn up to six course credits.  



Language Resource Center

The LRC consists of a computer lab and audio/visual equiqment. This computer lab is open to all students. However, priority is given to students in language classes.

Open: Monday – Friday:  9:15am – 4:45pm
*If the lab is closed, there are several computer labs throughout campus (including the library).

Academic Support

Frederick Douglas Learning Resources Center provides language tutors during Fall and Spring semesters.

Service Learning 

For further information about service learning in Atlanta, please contact:

Dr. Patricia Pogal
Associate Professor of Spanish

Robert W. Woodruff Library: Foreign Languages Resources