Innovate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Explore (iSTEM-Xe) Project:  Encouraging STEM Careers with Innovation

Program Overview

Welcome to the Innovative Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Explore(iSTEM-Xe) Project at Morehouse College. iSTEM-Xe engages minority students (rising 6th, 7th and 8th graders) in a long-term (3-year) STEM technology program that will include a four-week Summer Program, Hands-on Field Experience, and Saturday Academy during the academic year.  

The program utilizes a project-based framework designed to provide students with challenging technological learning experiences. The project will expose students to innovation and creativity in STEM disciplines within the context of real-world problem-solving scenarios utilizing entrepreneurial concepts in order to promote academic success in middle school and high school and prepare students academically to attend a college or university. The program will begin summer 2019, and conclude following the summer 2021 session.

Check out what we've done thus far. 

  • Increase student awareness and knowledge of educational opportunities and STEM careers
  • Increase student knowledge, skills and practices represented in STEM and/or STEM workforce
  • Increase broadening participation of underrepresented populations in STEM

iSTEM-Xe Curriculum

The Innovative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Explore (iSTEM-Xe) Project at Morehouse College offers a rigorous and stimulating curriculum of project- and inquiry-based learning activities that explore principles related to STEM education and careers. The curriculum also includes hour-long classes of advanced mathematics, science, English and innovation.