Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal and Procedure

The U.S. Department of Education requires that the office of Financial Aid at Morehouse College monitor the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) towards degree completion of all students receiving grants, federal work-study, or student loans during their academic career. 

Below is information about that process.

SAP vs. Academic Probation

The standards for financial aid SAP may differ from those required at the college as a whole.  The standards for financial aid recipients are:

1. minimum credits earned (67% pace rate);

2. cumulative grade point average (See SAP Policy);

3. maximum timeframe (maximum of 180 attempted hours for undergradaute programs). 

Students are reviewed as against these standards at the end of each semester. 

SAP Appeal Procedure

1.  Complete the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Form within three (3) weeks of notification. Failure to complete this form in its entirety will result in your appeal being delayed and/or denied.

2. Compose and attach a letter explaining in detail the nature and dates of your mitigating circumstances, how your life circumstances have changed to now support your efforts to achieve SAP, and what you will do differently to ensure academic success if your appeal is granted. Failure to include a letter with your appeal packet will result in your appeal being denied.

3.  Attach documentation that you feel supports your appeal: death certificate, obituary, letter(s) from third parties such as social services, police, pastor, physician, psychiatrist, etc.  Please do not give us the original of your document because we will need to keep all documents you provide.

4.  Students who are approaching maximum timeframe will need to meet with their academic advisor to complete the Academic Advisor Assessment Form to attach to theor appeal.

5.  Submit all documents via the electronic submission form.

6. You have three weeks from notification of your status to submit your appeal.  Late appeals will not be reviewed.  The Office of Financial Aid will review your appeal and notify you of the outcome within five business days from the date your appeal is submitted to the office.

7.  Please read and complete the Financial Aid Academic Plan Success Contract.