At Morehouse College, we are aware that a college education is a major investment in your future and especially a private college education. Over your lifetime, you will become increasingly aware of the value of your investment.


Morehouse College will provide you with an education that will allow you to become a leader of men. From the beginning of your tenure, our financial aid advisors and staff will work with you to ensure our cost will not be an obstacle to your goal of achieving an undergraduate degree from Morehouse College.



The Value of a Morehouse Education

There is a world of professions and universities to choose from, and today, black men have access to them all. But many of the best and brightest choose Morehouse. A Morehouse College education opens doors in the professional world and allows you to soar financially and intellectually. Students choose Morehouse because of what we call the “Morehouse Mystique.” The phrase is not easily defined or understood, but it’s also not just a clever slogan. The Mystique is joining a brotherhood like none other.



Morehouse gets to know who you are

Morehouse values every student that is admitted to the institution and we know each has different financial needs.

  • Over 90 % of our student’s education is financed with a combination of scholarships, loans, grants, and work- study.
  • We work with ours students to understand their unique circumstances and we work to find the type of financial assistance needed to attend Morehouse College.



Financial Assistance

Our financial aid professionals are committed to providing the highest quality of service that can be provide to all of our students during their tenure at Morehouse College.

  • Assistance is given to all student in researching financial resources
  • Our staff is available to all students for confidential financial  counseling


Morehouse College offers a variety of financial aid programs and we will assist you and your parents with creative payment methods to ensure your desire to attend our institution is a reality.


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Sheryl Spivey

Director of Financial Aid

Office Location

104 Gloster Hall
830 Westview Drive, SW
Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: 404-653-7750
Fax: (404) 215-2711


Office Hours
9:00am - 5:00pm


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10:00am - 3:00pm

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