Learning Solutions

The Faculty Development, Teaching and Advising Center (FDTAC) has been charged by
the Offices of the Provost and Title III to:


Title III Activity Objective #5
◊Increase the number of faculty members trained to engage students in Appreciative, Developmental and Intrusive Student Advising (A.D.I.S.A)

Performance Indicators/Metrics:
√Select (3) Lead Faculty Divisional Advisors
√Train a minimum of 20 faculty each year

Title III Activity Objective #6
◊Institutionalize a system to document and track the number of engagements between faculty and students

Performance Indicators/Metrics:
√Engage at least 60% of faculty in advising activities (Total faculty: 160)
√Work collaboratively with faculty to institutionalize advising as part of the annual performance appraisal.