Teaching and Learning

Pedagogical Workshops

To support the College in institutionalizing its priorities, policies, and practices, and boosting its ability to recruit and retain a diverse, engaged, and productive faculty. The target audiences for these activities are new faculty, tenure-track faculty, and tenured faculty.

Engaged Student-Learning Workshops
To expose faculty to cutting-edge approaches to teaching and learning that are student centered and promote student success. The content of the workshops is based on one of the following themes:

  1. Active Learning & Student Engagement
  2. Assessment and Evaluation
  3. Teaching with Technology 
Assessment and Evaluation
The FDTAC will host Departmental Learning Outcomes Workshops. These workshops are designed to allow the faculty members within each department an opportunity to discuss key learning outcomes and assessment. The workshops will be facilitated by an expert in the field of learning outcomes and assessment. Scheduling of these workshops will occur at the request of department chair and be delivered based on the capacity of the FDTAC. 

Instructional Design and Technology
The role of the Instructional Technology Coordinator is to provide one-on-one and group consultation to faculty to improve instructional capacity and student engagement through the utilization of technology and course design principles.

The STaR (Scholar-Teachers at Residence) 
The Scholar, Teacher at Residence (STaR Program) will provide an opportunity for Morehouse College faculty to become a central part of the national discussion on SoTL and to contribute to the body of the knowledge that is being published on SoTL, specifically in the area of the scholarship of teaching and learning as it relates to African-American males.

The FDTAC will assist an interdisciplinary team of self-selected faculty in forming a learning community to investigate the role of the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) at Morehouse. The STaR Program will support three faculty members (one per division) who come together to explore how the SoTL can be used to advance the work and expertise of the Morehouse College faculty in teaching African-American males and provide an opportunity to share this work throughout national and international higher education communities. Seleced faculty may be awarded release time, instructional support, research, and/or travel funds to address questions as they relate to the teaching and learning of black males at Morehouse. Projects may:

  • Ask questions about student learning and instructional activities designed to promote student learning and improve one's own teaching practice.
  • Answer those questions by systematically analyzing evidence of student learning. 
  • Analyze and share the results of public policy to contribute to the body of knowledge on student learning in a variety of contexts.