Morehouse College
Spring Semester 2010
English 102
Writing Assignment V: Revising the Outline Page
Writing Assignment VI: Works-cited and Appendix Page
Writing Assignment VII: Revising the First Draft

Professor F. Allen


For Writing Assignments V and VI, please revise the first draft of your research paper which was graded and returned to you on Wednesday, March 31. Use your class notes, your textbook, and the comments that were made on your first draft to give you direction in what and how to revise. The comments that I made on your first draft do not reflect everything that you need to work on as you revise. Rather, they serve as general guidelines for issues that you need to address throughout your paper. Thus, for instance, if I identify in one paragraph of your paper that you need more secondary research, I am assuming that you will make sure that all of your paragraphs have adequate secondary research information.

In addition to using your class notes, your textbook, and the comments made on your first draft to revise your paper, you should also revise by expanding your paper to include at least two types of primary research.

Once you have revised your paper, it should be twelve pages, not including the outline page or the works-cited page.

Due Dates

Friday, April 23, 2010
Papers should be submitted to me in my office by 5:15 on this day.

(No late papers or e-mail submissions will be accepted. For guidelines regarding the submittal of late work, please review the section entitled "Late-Work Policies, Class Attendance, and Course Guidelines" in the class syllabus. Any outlines, drafts, or works-cited pages slipped under my office door or placed in the folder outside of my door after April 23 at 5:15 will not be graded. Students who will be out of town on the April-23 due date, should stop by my office by Friday, April 9 to discuss procedures for submitting their papers earlier

Format--Please be sure that your second draft conforms to the following guidelines:

Please double-space your second draft.

Be sure to follow proper MLA documentation by having both parenthetical references and a works-cited page with citations. Please refer to the class website or your textbook for guidelines regarding proper MLA documentation style. Papers not having both parenthetical references and a works-cited page are considered to have been plagiarized and will not receive a passing grade. Guidelines for writing parenthetical references may be found at the Purdue University online writing site and in your textbook, Successful College Writing, on pages 618-22. Please review pages 646-652 in your textbook for an example of a research paper having both parenthetical references and a works-cited page.

Provide a works-cited page with at least seventeen secondary sources--you already have twelve sources from the first draft. Thus, you need only to add five more sources to meet this seventeen-source requirement for the second draft. Those sources should come from both the primary research and the additional secondary research that you conduct.

Please use no more than five direct quotes in your second draft. If you use a block quote, use only one, and be sure it justifies itself in the paper.

Please staple your formal outline page in front of your second draft.

Be sure that the last sentence of your introduction is the thesis statement. Your introduction should be one paragraph and need not be longer than half a page.

Place a heading on the left-hand corner of your second draft. This heading should contain your name, my name, the English course, and the date. An example of this type of heading may be found on page 646 of your textbook. Please note the proper spacing for such a heading.

Number the pages of your second draft, placing your name and the page number on the right-hand corner of each page. An example of this type of heading may be found on page 646 of your textbook.

Remember that your outline should be framed around your thesis; thus, your thesis should always be on your outline page. Please refer to page 123 of your textbook and to your class notes.

Please give your paper a title.

Please place your interview questions and/or a sample of your survey/questionnaire in an appendix page behind your works-cited page.


Additional Due Dates

On Monday, April 12, everyone should submit the following: 1) a typed outline page, 2) a two-page, typed paper explaining what primary research you plan to conduct and why, and 3) a sample of the interview and/or questionnaire you plan to use. This will be returned by the end of the week and will count as one of your in-class writing assignments even though you will have time outside of the class to work on it.