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What can I do with a degree in Mathematics?



The Mission of the Department of Mathematics

Our mission is to expose the students of Morehouse College to a wide and balanced mathematical curriculum, which includes a variety of areas. To accomplish this mission we incorporate in our courses materials that motivate students and increase their abilities. We introduce students to a variety of applications of Mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics strives to produce students capable of successful graduate work or careers in private industry or government.

We strive to produce students who are capable of reasoning abstractly, practically, and who will be able to use new technologies to solve real-world problems. 

Goals and Objectives

  • To enhance learning among students in mathematics
  • To enhance the teaching of mathematics
  • To enhance the undergraduate research among students in mathematics
  • To plan the strategic development of the mathematics at the College

Job Types:

Research & Development
  • Design 
  • Data Processing 
  • Testing 
  • Operations 
  • Quality Control 
  • Statistical Processing Control 
  • Environmental Analysis 
  • Consulting

Ways to Prepare:

  • Note that the greatest demand is for applied mathematicians with skills in computer science, electronics design and theory, statistics and probability. 
  • Develop computer and research skills, and learn to use relevant software packages. 
  • Earn a master’s degree in math, business, or related field for advanced positions or for consulting jobs. 
  • Maintain excellent GPA for graduate or professional school admission. 
  • Gain relevant experience through internships, volunteering, summer jobs, or part-time jobs. 
  • Develop good oral and written communication skills. 
  • Learn to work well in a team.

Where to find them:

  • Industries including:
    • Manufacturing
    • Transportation
    • Aerospace
    • Communications
    • Machinery
    • Electrical equipment
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Other private industries
  • Consulting firms
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