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What can I do with a degree in Engineering?



The Mission of the Department of Physics

The Department of Physics offers a spectrum of courses reflective of both the integral character of physics in the liberal arts curriculum and its essential role in engineering and technology, and which recognize that the discipline of physics is fundamental to the understanding of all natural phenomena. The courses offered have been designed to:

  • Assist students in satisfying the general education requirement.
  • Support the preparation of students majoring in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and engineering.
  • Prepare students for graduate study in physics.

Although the Department has a multipurpose role in the curriculum of the College, the primary objective is to prepare students for graduate study and ultimately successful careers in physics. The Department recognizes and accepts its responsibility to address the under representation of African-Americans in science and engineering. Historically, this has been and remains a foremost responsibility in our program.

The Department offers programs of study in physics, applied physics, and a dual degree engineering program. The majors in physics and applied physics lead to the bachelor of science degree in these disciplines and the dual degree engineering program leads to a bachelor of science degree in an engineering field and a bachelors degree from Morehouse in a field dependent on the choice made by the student. Although the focus of the physics and the applied physics programs is preparation for graduate study in these fields, these programs provide excellent preparation for engineering.

Job Types:

Any Engineering Discipline

  • Production 
  • Sales and Marketing 
  • Management 
  • Consulting 
  • Research and Development 
  • Teaching 
  • Law

Ways to Prepare:

  • Obtain related experience through co-op or internships for business/industry-related career. 
  • MBA degree provides best opportunities in technical management. 
  • Obtain Ph.D. for optimal teaching and research careers. 
  • Develop strong verbal and written communication skills. 
  • Learn federal, state, and local government job application procedures.

Where to find them:

  • Industry 
  • Business 
  • Federal, state, and local government 
  • Colleges and universities
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