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What can I do with a degree in Computer Science?



The Mission of the Computer Science Program

The primary goal of the Computer Science Program at Morehouse is to prepare students for graduate studies in computer science, as well as entry into the workforce as a computer professional at the highest level possible. The program has a continued commitment to develop students that possess fundamental appreciation for computing issues. Because computers will continue to be of central importance to society, the Computer Science Program emphasizes the acquisition of marketable knowledge and skills for professional careers, in areas such as computer systems, programming languages, software engineering, and databases.
The Computer Science Program has been designed to provide a broad introduction to the field, within the contex of a liberal arts education. The program is sensitive to the fluid nature of the field of computer science and is flexible enough to respond to the rapidly-changing developments in the field. While majors will share many of the same courses, the liberal arts orientation of the program is intended to permit the student the opportunity to design a specific course study that suits his particular interests. Students should consult with a departmental advisor on their course selections after they decide to become Computer Science majors. The goal is to make a coherent selection of lower and upper division courses.

Job Types:


  • Systems 
  • Scientific Applications 
  • Business Applications
    • Intelligence
    • Warehousing
  • Information Delivery
    • Maintenance
  • Project Management

Ways to Prepare:

  • Gain relevant experience through internships or co-ops. 
  • Develop an attention to detail and a flair for creativity. 
  • Learn to work well within a group and to meet deadlines. 
  • Supplement computer degree with courses in business, science, or engineering. 
  • Stay current on programming languages. 
  • Earn a master’s degree for upper level positions. 
  • Seek the Certified Computing Professional designation by completing a series of exams and experiential requirements. 

Where to find them:

  • Computer vendors 
  • Software and computer companies 
  • Any large organization 
    • including: Banks, retail chains, manufacturers, universities, and governmental agencies
  • Management consulting firms 
  • Contract and temporary employers 
  • Research laboratories