Cyber Village

Faculty - Biology


Dean of the Division of Science and Mathematics

Associate Professor and Chair: Keith M. Howard

Location: Hope Hall, Room 134

Phone: (470) 639-0395


Research Interests: Plant Pathology, Parasite-Plant Interaction, Fungal Biochemistry and Development; Microbial Physiology

Professor: Lawrence S. Blumer

Location: Hope Hall, Room 302

Phone: (470) 639-0283 


Research Interests: Ecology, Animal Behavior, Evolution, Instructional Laboratory Pedagogy 

Professor: David B. Cooke III

Location: Nabrit-Mapp-McBay Hall, Room 129

Phone: (470) 639-0232


Research Interests: Endocrinology and Cell Metabolism, Role of Oncogene Expression in Prostate Cancer, Tumor Progression in Prostate Cancer 

Assistant Professor: Dwann Davenport

Location: Nabrit-Mapp-McBay, Room 132

Phone: (470) 639-0448


Research Interests: Molecular Mechanisms of Aging 

Associate Professor: Valerie K. Haftel

Location: Nabrit-Mapp-McBay Hall, Room 320

Phone: (470) 639-0626


Research Interests: Neurobiology, Physiology

Professor: John K. Haynes

Location: Nabrit-Mapp-McBay Hall, Room 131

Phone: (470) 639-0200


Research Interests: Cell Biology; Cell Membranes; Biochemical Characterization of Sickle Cell Membranes; Regulation of Cell Volume; Higher Education and Leadership Development 

Associate Professor: Joseph W. McCray

Location: Nabrit-Mapp-McBay Hall, Room 322

Phone: (470) 639-0281


Research Interests: Immunochemistr;, Peptide antibodies as vaccines for the common cold and Schistosomiasis

Administrative Assistant: Karen Morris

Location: Nabrit-Mapp-McBay Hall, Room 136

Phone: (470)-639-0618


Research Interests: Bioinformatics 

Associate Professor: Triscia Hendrickson

Location: Nabrit-Mapp-McBay Hall, Room 207

Phone: (470) 639-0633


Research Interests: Mechanisms that Regulate Cell Motility 

Associate Professor: Alexandra Peister

Location: Hope Hall, Room 315

Phone: (470) 639-0366 or (470) 639-0499


Research Interests: Evaluation of Stem Cell Sources for the Production of Engineered tissues.

Assistant Professor: Wallace Sharif

Location: Hope Hall, Room 303

Phone: (470) 639-0337


Research Interests: Molecular Mechanisms of Aging 

Assistant Professor: Ethell Vereen

Location: Nabrit-Mapp-McBay, Room 130

Phone: (470) 639-0534


Research Interests: My research focuses primarily on the ecology of waterborne diseases with an emphasis on water quality.  Recently, I expanded my research to include activities on the mechanisms and evolution of antibiotic resistance.  My work on water quality is focused on understanding the sources, transformation, transport, and ecology of waterborne pathogens - specifically Salmonella and Campylobacter, as well as fecal indicators organisms.  I am also interested in exploring Undergraduate STEM Education and Pedagogy, with an emphasis on PanAfrican and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in the sciences.