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What Movies Should An Aspiring CTEMS Major See?

Short answer: all of them.  But since that's not a very practical answer we recommend you consult one of the many published "Best of..." lists that come out every year. Of course no list of such a subjective topic as this can ever be considered right. However, there are enough similarities between respective compilations to draw some conclusions as to what you should watch.  So yes, you should see "Citizen Kane" and "The Godfather," but what about "Wonder Woman?"  Maybe. The list we're currently taking a gander at is from Rotten Tomatoes. There are some interesting and surprising entries on their list--some of which you probably have seen--many which you probably have not. Those are the ones to see. So pick one or two, grab some popcorn, put your phone down and enjoy the movies!  Here is their list: Top 100 Movies of All Time. 

The American Society of Cinematographers

The American Society of Cinematographers is a non-profit association dedicated to advancing the art of filmmaking. Since its charter in 1919, the ASC has been committed to educating aspiring filmmakers and others about the art and craft of cinematography; it accomplishes this by publishing the internationally renowned magazine American Cinematographer and the venerable American Cinematographer Manual, through seminars at schools and industry events, and via one-on-one mentoring. ASC members volunteer their time for such activities. More

Want to Make a Good Movie? Beware the Bells and Whistles

When I told a wannabe filmmaker that the focus of Morehouse College's new Cinema, Television and Emerging Media Studies program (CTEMS) was to teach undergrad students the fundamental elements of storytelling through a heavy emphasis on writing, he responded, "Just give those kids some cameras and let 'em shoot. That's how they'll learn." HE COULDN'T BE MORE WRONG! More

What You Can Learn From Reading Classic Screenplays

Cinema, Television, and Emerging Media Studies Program Starts Rolling with $400,000 grant from Mellon Foundation (see p. 7)

In a recent article published by JET Magazine, Atlanta was referred to as the “it” place to shoot films. Most recently Atlanta has played host to many films and tele- vision series such as “The Change-Up,” the upcoming “Footloose” remake, “Single Ladies” and “The Game.” In fact, Georgia has been named one of the top five states in the country for film production according to the Los Angeles Times. With this in mind, Morehouse College has decided to take advantage of this opportunity by developing a film studies program that will be implemented this semester. Read more