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Public Health Minor

At present the institute offers a minor in Public Health at Morehouse College. AUC Students majoring in any discipline may obtain a minor in public health. The minor in public health requires the completion of 15 credit hours of course work. Twelve credit hours in the public health science curriculum are required consisting of Introduction to Public Health (Bio 240), Biostatistics (Bio 340), Introduction to Epidemiology (Bio 330), and a Public Health Sciences Practicum (Bio 450) and one additional three hour elective course, which may be taken at any AUC college.


INTRODUCTION TO PUBLIC HEALTH - This course is designed to give students a strong foundation in the administration and practice of public health; to provide an understanding of the technical, social, and political parameters surrounding public health research and practice. The course includes a lecture series; field trips to local, state, and federal agencies and services; and a research project.

INTRODUCTION TO EPIDEMIOLOGY - Epidemiology is a branch of medical science that deals with the incidence, distribution, and control of diseases in a population. This course is a study of the distributions and determinants of health related states and events in populations with a view toward identifying the etiology (the study of the causes and origin of diseases) of diseases. It includes fundamental strategies for epidemiological research; the framework for assessing valid statistical association. (Electives from any of the AUC schools that have a similar course description may substitute for this course.)

BIOSTATISTICS - This course is designed for applications of statistics in the biomedical and health sciences. It introduces parametric and non-parametric statistical methodology, including descriptive measures, elementary probability, estimation and hypothesis testing, correlation, regression and single factor analysis of variance. Underlying theory is empirically demonstrated utilizing biomedical applications. Computer-based statistical analysis is used throughout the course. (Electives from any of the AUC schools that have a similar course description may substitute for this course)

PUBLIC HEALTH SCIENCES SEMINARY & PRACTICUM - This course is designed to provide students with a forum for discussion and critical analysis of contemporary health care issues while providing practical experience in a health service agency.

Public Health Minor Electives
(Last updated August 2013)

Clark Atlanta University

CPHI 231 Ethics and Human Values (3)
CBIO 261 Environmental Biology (4)
CPSC 220 Introduction to Public Policy (3)
CPSC 372 Comparative Public Policy (3)
CHPE 300 Psychological and Social Health (3)
CSCJ 308 Medical Sociology (3)
CUSW 350 Issues of Health Disparities among Minority Populations (3)
CUSW 142 Mental Health Issues of Diverse Groups and Women (3) 

Morehouse College
BIO 497 Environmental Biology (3)
PHI 315 Philosophy of Science (3)
PHI 475B Bioethics (3)
PSC 361 Ethics and Public Policy (3)
PSC 476 Political Anthropology (3)
PSC 482 International Ethics (3)
PSY 393 Health/Medical Psychology (3)
SOC 156 Men in Society
SOC 202 Cultural Anthropology
SOC 305 Urban and Community Sociology
SOC 340 Medical Sociology (3)
SOC 341 The Life Cycle and Aging
SOC 356 Demography, Ecology, and Environment (3)

Spelman College
BIO/ES 314 Environmental Biology (4)
CHEM/ES 453 Environmental Chemistry (4)
CHEM/ES 411 Toxicology (4)
CWS/SOC 430 Special Topics: Violence against Women (3)
IS 211 Introduction to International Studies (4)
PHI 130 Introduction to Ethics (4)
REL 285 Religion, Women, and Violence in Global Perspective (4)
PSC 320 Environmental Politics and Policy (4)
PSC 322 Legislative Process (4)
PSY 420 Mental Health Practicum (4)
PSY 200b Risky Behaviors, Social Influence, and HIV/AIDS (4)
ANTH 305 Cross-Cultural Perspective on Gender (4)
ANTH 322 Urban Anthropology (4)
ANTH 404 The Anthropology of Globalization (4)
ANTH 444 Food and Culture (4)
SOC 242 Health-Sociological and Economic Perspectives (4)
SOC 301 Violence against Women (4)
SOC 321 Community Organizing (4)
SC) SOC 402 The Sociology of Health (4)