Summer Program

Pre-Freshman Bridge Summer Science Program

The Pre-Freshmen Bridge Summer Science Program is a six-week residential summer experience with a focus on energy and sustainability where incoming students participate in scientific literacy development, applied mathematics, guided inquiry laboratories, scientific field trips, as well as personal and professional development. The program which is leveraged by support from the NSF Partnerships in Research and Education in Materials (PREM) grant and the National Nuclear Security Administration grant from the Department of Energy is designed to 1) provide an integrated perspective on the science of sustainable energy and associated environmental challenges; 2) develop an advanced level of scientific literacy among pre-freshmen science and mathematics majors; and 3) enhance student success and increase the number of graduates who enter graduate school in pursuit of research careers.

Evidence for successful outcomes relative to increased levels of scientific literacy in the scientific literacy summer bridge program is evident. At the end of the program pre-freshmen indicate that they have a better understanding of scientific literacy and a greater understanding and heightened value for science, research, related career opportunities and sustainable energy.

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