Institute for Sustainable Energy Staff

Lycurgus L. Muldrow, Ph.D. - Director - Institute of Sustainable Energy of Morehouse College, Sponsored Research for the Division of Science and Mathematics, Program ACE

JK Haynes, Ph.D. - Divisional Dean of Science and Mathematics

Alicia Thomas - Assistant Director - Institute of Sustainable Energy

Carol Shearer - Program Manager - Institute of Sustainable Energy & Director of PREM Summer Bridge Program

Jeffery Porterfield - Project Evaluator

Melissa Demtrikopolos - Project Evaluator

Research Faculty

Ebenezer Aka, Ph.D. - Urban Green Space and Environmental Justice

Kinnis Gosha, Ph.D. - Computer Science Department - Multimodal Recycling Apps & Virtual Agents

John Hall, Ph.D. - Chemistry Department - Graphene

Cynthia Hewitt, Ph.D. - Sociology Department - Solar Pioneers

Michael Hodge, Ph.D. - Sociology Department - Scientific, Weatherization, Education, Research, and Training (S.W.E.R.T.)

Duane Jackson, Ph.D. - Psychology Department - Biofuels, Light, and Termites

Brian Lawrence, Ph.D. - Chemistry Department - Organic Polymer Solar Cells

Juana Mendehall, Ph.D. - Psychology Department - Smart Biomaterials

Lycurgus L. Muldrow, Ph.D. - Director of Sponsored Research and Integrated Activities - High Altitude Research Platform (HARP)

Mona Ray, Ph.D. - Economics Department - Aquaponics

Sinead Young, Ph.D. - Psychology Department - Community Gardens

Postdoctoral Fellows

Undergraduate Research Scholars

Culturally Relevant Computing Lab

  • DeShaun Thomas (Computer Science)
  • Jordan Earls (Computer Science)
  • Warren Wilkinson (Computer Science)
  • Keythe Gentry (Computer Science)

Smart Biomaterials

  • Kris Crawford
  • Elmon Merriman
  • Jeffrey Moore
  • Dakeldrick Dismuke
  • Amir Hobson
  • Jordyn Tagoe

Organic Polymer Solar Cells

  • DeMarcus Crews
  • Earl Bulter
  • Joshua Kent
  • Sean Moore
  • Kenneth Lyons


  • Timothy Williams
  • Delonte Egwuatu
  • Jalani Traxler

Urban Green Space and Environmental Justice

  • Nathan Carson
  • Shawn Crosby
  • Charles Evans
  • Travon Jackson

Insect Behavior Lab

  • Anthony Culp
  • Ishara Emerson
  • Abdoulaye Traore
  • Angel Gray
  • Anwar Shagarabi

ISE Curriculum Faculty

These faculty members teach courses on sustainability, energy, and environmental impact.