Partnerships in Sustainable Development

Department of Energy

ISE has partnered with a team of ten other institutions (led by Georgia Institute of Technology), and received funding from the Department of Energy for a project titled “Integral Inherently Safe Light Water Reactor.” The goal of this project was to develop safer nuclear reactors. This grant supports four Morehouse undergraduates to conduct summer and academic year research at Georgia Tech.

Also, Georgia Institute of Technology hosted field trips for the Pre-Freshman Bridge Summer Science Program.

University of Wyoming

M-WISE has partnered with the University of Wyoming in its High Altitude Research Project. Students in the summer program will travel to Wyoming to launch and recover their research payload. The University of Wyoming is paying for lodging, food, ground transportation and providing tours of its extensive sustainable energy research facilities.

The Boeing Company

A recent grant was obtained from Boeing ($22,000) to help support M-WISE activities. Specifically, these funds will provide book scholarships to M-WISE summer program students and purchase supplies and Boeing scientist and engineers will travel to Morehouse and present seminars.

Excellatron Solid State LLC

Excellatron, an Atlanta based technology company, researches innovative and enabling energy storage technologies has collaborated with M-WISE on several different levels including 1) accepting one Morehouse undergraduate student to conduct research during the summer of the second year; 2) hosting site visits of pre-freshmen to their research and development facilities; and 3) participating in one of the guided inquiry research laboratories in the Pre-Freshmen Bridge Summer Science program.

Georgia Power Company

Several employees from Georgia Power have given presentations within classes at Morehouse College including Ron Shipman, the Vice President for Environmental Affairs at Georgia Power. In addition Georgia Power has presented Morehouse College's M-WISE program with a $10,000 discretionary budget. These funds are being used to support a variety of activities ranging from M-WISE faculty travel and registration to luncheon meetings.

Clark Atlanta University

The Pre-Freshmen Bridge Summer Science program supported 37 Morehouse College pre-freshmen and 2 Clark Atlanta University pre-freshmen students. In this six-week summer experience students participate in scientific literacy building, applied mathematics, guided inquiry laboratories, scientific field trips, as well as personal and professional development. Dr. Xiao-Qian Wang and Dr. Michael Williams of CAU have also hosted field trips and presented seminars on the electrical properties of graphene at Morehouse.

Oak Ridge National Labs

Oak Ridge National Labs (ORNL) hosted a field trip for Morehouse students in the Pre-Freshman Bridge Summer Science program.

Morehouse College and University of Community Development Corporation

The University of Community Development Corporation (UCDC) is a not for profit community based corporation, nurtured by the Atlanta University Center, Inc. - the world's largest consortium of Historically Black Colleges & Universities. UCDC's purpose is to improve the physical neighborhood and enhance the quality of life for residents in the areas adjacent to the Atlanta University Center (AUC).

Morehouse College Community Revitalization Initiative

The Morehouse College Community Revitalization Initiative (MCCRI) established its Community Revitalization Initiative to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with our adjacent communities that will result in sustained economic and social improvement. The strategy judiciously targets a compact area defined by one of the Atlanta City's neighborhood planning units, known as NPU-T, and stresses dynamic relations between Morehouse College and neighboring neighborhood organizations

In addition to the above, numerous other collaborations with external organizations are currently being developed via ongoing meetings, or have taken place which has provided a broad base of operations for ISE. These collaborations include:

  • American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE)
  • U.S. Navy
  • Emory University
  • Clark Atlanta University
  • Spelman College
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Georgia Natural Gas
  • National Media Security Administration