Morehouse Wide Initiative for Sustainable Energy

The Morehouse Wide Initiative for Sustainable Energy is a grant awarded in 2010 by the National Science Foundation (Award #1043330). The STEM based M-WISE program utilizes the strengths and resources of the entire institution for students to become leaders in global arena of sustainable energy. The goals of M-WiISE are to develop and institutionalize: 1) an energy curriculum that is interdisciplinary, transformative, STEM based and institution wide; and 2) an Institute for Sustainable Energy (ISE) that is linked to the energy curriculum. Selected initiatives of the M-WISE program include the following:

  • Student and Faculty Development
  • Establishing viable research teams in sustainable energy that publish and obtain additional funding
  • Creation and institutionalization of an interdisciplinary energy curriculum
  • Creating and institutionalization of a Sustainable Energy Minor
  • Improve the quality of education, develop leadership skills and create global competency for African-American male students
  • Exposing these students to concepts in energy utilization, environmental impact and sustainability
  • Interconnect of STEM sustainable energy disciplines with non-STEM disciplines

M-WISE has transformed the approach of STEM education at Morehouse by creating a unique interdisciplinary research and community outreach infrastructure that is linked to a curriculum that will bring STEM and non-STEM students together to take STEM courses leading to a minor in sustainable energy.

M-WISE supports fourteen faculty in the Department of Mathematics and Science, nine in the Department of Business Administration and Economics, and nine in Humanities and Social Sciences for a total of 32 faculty in three Divisions.