International Studies

Morehouse Pan-African Global Experience (MPAGE)

MPAGE is an international, summer program in Africa, with course work and credit at Morehouse College. In 2012, five ISE students (among a total of 15 students) completed HSOC 360, Pan-Africanism as Cross-Cultural Dialogue, and HSOC 460 Sustainability and Development, conducted field work in Ghana and traveled to several other countries in West Africa. They continued an ongoing Incubator Business Development Program targeted to sustainable energy industries and/or the nutriceutical industry. MPAGE also included a new biofuels module in the summer of 2012. The students worked with Masao Meroe in Ghana, to establish: 1) a baseline understanding of public acceptance of providing raw materials for using biofuel; and 2) an inventory of on-site equipment and determination of additional equipment needed.

Winter Break Study Program

The Winter Break Study Program is an additional global competence course work in sustainable energy occurred in the Division of Business Administration and Economics. In an International Business class, teams developed business proposals for foreign direct investment in developing countries. Twenty percent (20%) of the teams focused on renewable energy. Projects were worked on ranging from solar powered cell phone chargers because of the poor electrical infrastructure and readily renewable energy source of the sun, to opening a water treatment plant because of the lack of available drinking water. In addition a student in this Division taking the course Special Topics in Economics (HECO408) was given a stipend to conduct a sustainable management project in Bangkok, Thailand via Winter Break Study Program.