Sustainable Facilities

Ray Charles Performing Arts Center

  • Used building materials with recycle content
  • Used local manufactured materials
  • Low or no-VOC paint, drywall materials, and ceiling tiles
  • “Green-guard” certified carpets and carpet adhesives
  • High-efficiency fixtures – occupancy sensor installed in all rooms and mid-efficient fixtures installed in Academic/Pre-Function Area
  • Has low gallon flush toilets and 1.3-gallon urinal
  • Walk-off matt sustains Indoor Air Quality
  • Mechanical systems exceed the Georgia Energy Code for new sustainable equipment usage.
  • Water management design
  • Water efficient landscaping with low maintenance vegetation

Faculty/Student Parking

  • Lighting on top deck is on timers
  • Bike parking - Campus wide

Water Efficiency

  • Low flow showers installed in Mays and Graves Resident Hall and 1st floor of LLC
  • Low flow Toilets – Graves Hall
  • Water efficient landscaping with low maintenance vegetation and increased pine straw to maintain moisture longer
  • Chivers Dining Hall – tray less

Water Conservation/Energy Savings

  • Chivers Dining Hall - Upgrade/replace Freezer, Dishwasher, and Tray Return Machine with energy efficient and water conservation equipment. In addition, installed new energy efficient walk-in coolers
  • Hubert & White Residence Hall - Installed a tankless water heater
  • Brazeal, Graves, Robert, and Mays Residence Hall –Installed sustainable bathroom
  • Purdue Hall – installed energy efficient hot water heater

Energy Efficiency

  • Hope, Merrill, and Sale Hall - lights have been converted to energy efficiency T-8 lighting
  • Kilgore Residence Hall - Installed energy efficient windows and blinds
  • Sale Hall - Upgrade/replace HVAC’s system with energy efficient equipment
  • Hope Hall - Solar panel feeds into the Morehouse College Grid
  • MLK Chapel roof and portion of Forbes Arena roof - applied highly reflective roof for minimal heat retention
  • NMM - installed energy efficiency chiller
  • Gloster & Wheeler Hall – installed energy efficient roof
  • Green House
    • 1. Upgraded automatic heating/cooling control system
    • 2. Installed remote access controls to cut down on response time and trouble shooting
    • 3. Installed weather station
    • 4. Installed STAR certified energy efficient heaters

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Tobacco Smoke free environmental
  • Low or no – VOC paints
  • Green-guard certified carpets and adhesives for large project replacement
  • Installed energy saving motion sensors in classrooms and restrooms
  • Installed new ventilation systems in all Graves Halls bathrooms
  • Pool – chlorine free

Sustainability Community Outreach

  • Green for All Fellow, Project Coordinator/AmeriCorps VISTA, works with Morehouse College Community Revitalization Initiative
  • Primary goals are to promote positive community unity and to help create a greener and healthier environment in the West End Community
  • Duties are to promote environmental sustainability throughout the surrounding community.
  • Currently providing the “Green Living,” education workshops for all of the neighborhood organizations in NPU-T

President’s Climate Commitment Benchmarks

  • Implementation Profile - completed and submitted on time (July 15, 2010)
  • First Greenhouse Gas Inventory - completed and submitted on time (January 2012)

Recycling Programs

  • Composting food waste from Chivers and Kilgore dining halls
  • Used vegetable oil is sent to a bio-fuel program **
  • Single Stream Recycling – one can is used to collect recyclable items
  • Ink/toner Cartridges and cell phones recycling program **
  • Light bulbs recycling program
  • Computers, monitors, keyboards, printers, and copy machine recycling program
  • Scrap metal recycling program **

** Funds from these recycling programs support the Board of Trustee Opportunity Fund (to assist junior or seniors with finances in order to graduate).