Career Services in Business Administration and Economics

Year-by-Year Timeline

As a Morehouse student, you are strongly encouraged to take ownership of your academic experience and skill development. Employers comparing graduating seniors as job candidates expect you to have experience outside the classroom. Career Services is available at any point during your college career; however, you will benefit most by progressive involvement from your first year through your senior year. The more intentional and active you are in the career planning and placement process, the more successful you will be in finding the best possible career for you. Throughout the career planning process, the priority must be on earning solid grades and active engagement.

Freshman -

Self Assessment and Demonstrating Acuity (Determine talents, skills,  interests, and values)

Establish personal criteria for success

Learn about resources you have here at the College, and specifically the Career Services Office

Further develop your personal brand

Create or improve a professional resume

Register on electronic recruitment system – CareerLink

Look to secure exposure to early professional development forums for all students

Attend the Career Fairs and Company Recruiting Info Sessions to learn more about the kinds of companies/industries you could pursue

Sophomore -

Exploration and Practicing Integrity (Formulate a career plan)

Explore occupations that interest you and ask yourself how do my skills and interests match up with these occupations

Begin to get more involved on campus

Join/charter clubs that relate to your career choice

Volunteer more

Build confidence through professional development and arranging informational interviews with targeted employers toward internships or job shadowing programs.

Attend the Career Fairs, campus events and Info sessions

Develop plan to study abroad

Identify specific industries and firms you want to pursue for summer internship

Junior -

Preparation and Exhibiting Agency (Work with Career Services to further develop your brand).

Meet with Director of Career Services as needed

Work with Center Staff to critique your professional resume, learn how to write tailored cover letters and perform mock interviews until you feel sufficiently prepared to impress

Take on leadership roles in campus organizations

Network with professors, mentors, employers, people in the industry

Conduct undergraduate research if thinking about graduate school

Consider post-graduate exams if thinking about graduate or professional schools

Attend the Career Fairs/Graduate School Expo

Study abroad

Identify specific industries and firms you want to pursue for summer internship

Senior –

Execution and Committing to Brotherhood (Ready for the next chapter)

Finish academic career strong and on time. Final grades may impact offer extensions and graduate school acceptance

Repeat things from Sophomore/Junior year list as necessary

Prepare for your professional career transition

Enroll in /take pre-career technical training – Advanced Excel/PowerPoint, etc. 

Be a mentor to a freshman or sophomore student

Refer students to the Career Services Office

Alumnus -

Stay Connected and Lead Consequential Lives (Maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with Morehouse College and Career Services)

Register with the Alumni Office

Become a recruiter for your company