Career Services in Business Administration and Economics

Services and Expectations of Courtesy and Professionalism

Morehouse College provides a wealth of opportunities and resources which acquaint students with the world of work, but students must take advantage of everything the College has to offer in order to receive the full value of these opportunities. Business Administration and Economics Career Services offer Morehouse students unique preparation and resources for the ever-competitive job market and we can help employers recruit and engage students in many different ways:

Student Services

  • Career Exploration with Undeclared Students
  • Professional Branding and Resume Critique
  • Interview Coaching
  • Job Offer Analysis
  • Career Professional Development Fridays
  • Career Clothing Closet

Employer and Graduate School Engagement

  • Online Career Support and Job Postings – Handshake (Morehouse and AUC)
  • Bi-Annual Career Fairs – (Morehouse and AUC)
  • On-Campus Interviews
  • Campus Employer and Graduate School Information Sessions
  • Networking Sessions
  • Identify Meaningful, Challenging Internships (Paid and Unpaid)
  • Internship Performance Evaluations
  • Site Visits (Spring Tour, Career Leadership Institute, National Case Competitions, Education Abroad, Shadowing opportunities)
  • Alumni seeking to identify Morehouse students for career opportunities

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Ownership

  • Job Shadow
  • Partnership with the Entrepreneurship Center (assist students in developing and launching a business)
  • Start-Up Internship

Career Success Seminars, Workshops and Job Search Strategies (facilitated by a dedicated Career Development Coach and Instructor)

  • Practical Job Search Strategies and Tools
  • Parallel Career Potential
  • Practice/Mock Interviews
  • Company Research Techniques
  • Resume Critique Sessions
  • Business Etiquette
  • Networking and Business Dining Etiquette
  • Dress for Success Seminars
  • Job Search Teams (includes at least one business or economics student)

Structured Mentoring Programs (offered by the Division)

  • Freshman Protégé Program
  • Executive Mentorship Program
  • Career Leadership Institute

Student Organizations and Leadership Opportunities

  • Morehouse Business Association (MBA)
  • Clubs within the MBA – Investment & Finance Club, Economics Club, Morehouse Management Group, Morehouse Marketing Association, NABA – National Association of Black Accountants

Graduating Seniors

Preference is given to graduating seniors in securing recruiting dates, and arranging interviews and information sessions with representatives from business and industry, school systems, government agencies and graduate and professional schools.

Professional Expectations

Career Services is committed to begin its sponsored events, seminars and workshops at the scheduled time to demonstrate a level of respect for our guests and participants’ time and resources. Moreover, individuals who work for their employers travel to campus to interview students from various locations throughout the U.S. and/or may extend their workday to help you learn more about the career or industry you want to pursue. Registering or signing up for an interview or an event constitutes your commitment to attend and engage. We expect you to be punctual and well prepared to engage with our employers/recruiters. Moreover, we ask for professional patience if they are behind schedule. When selecting an interview time, students should not choose a time during a class or exam.  Being excused from class for an interview is at the sole discretion of each individual professor.

If for any reason you realize you cannot attend, up to the day of the interview or event, contact Career Services during office hours, by phone at (470) 639-0247 or in person. True emergencies, which are rare, with prompt contact to explain, are understood. Changing your mind about attendance at the last minute does not constitute an emergency and repeated abuse may result in loss of privileges.

Excerpts from the Morehouse College Career Guide (not available in print)

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Chapter 2: Winning at Self Discovery Chapter 5: Winning the Corporate Game  
Chapter 3: The Winning Image Chapter 6: Winning the Game of Life  
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